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  1. Nice try, Merg. We have calendars too.

  2. You know, I get it, a “Social Distancing Violators Stasi”, but the fact of the matter is there are a awful lot of people and places with lots of people that are just too effing stupid and/or self-centered to even be concerned about, much less respectful of others. Maybe they do need to reported.

    PS, you want to know why NYC, Spain, Italy, etc… have so many cases of kung-flu? You *do* want to click that link and see the video.

  3. Oh, snap! If Emery reads this, he’ll probably have a meltdown. His “it’s all Trump’s fault” meme, is once again debunked.

  4. Comrades! Welcome to our wonderful city of Minneapolis, GDR! Each must do his part, and stay watchful!

    Of course it is for a good reason! We will always give you a good reason – until we no longer have to!

  5. So far, in order to keep the virus from overwhelming Minnesota’s health care system, we’ve shut down:

    My outdoor shooting range

    Every Chinese restaurant within two miles of my house (one Thai place is still open on Rice Street, take-out only)

    The Lamplighter strip club on Larpenteur (which I noticed as I was driving around trying to find a Chinese take-out place. I suppose that one is justified – hard to slip bills into a garter belt from six feet away)

    My dry cleaner. Wait, what? I have to iron my own shirts? Oh Hail no. This is going too far.

    Odd that I haven’t noticed any bleeding heart liberal news stories about the waitresses laid off from the closed restaurants, the single mothers stripping for tips to feed their children, the illegal aliens sweating in the steaming laundry. It’s as if those people being out of work . . . don’t matter, because Orange Man Bad.

    As long as I’m “working from home” in my pajamas and getting paid as usual, I suppose I can tough it out a while longer. I wonder about the little people, the ones who were barely making it, working hard to stay off welfare and now sitting home with their kids but no jobs.

    Who speaks for them?

  6. Next big debate is golf courses. “Why should rich people be able to have fun!”

  7. Seeing some dismaying postings on the local NextDoor neighborhood group. One from a person letting us all know that she had called 911 after seeing an adult instructor and several children working out at the dojo – in flagrant disregard (!) for the governor’s shut down edict. Several other posters piled on – how awful of the business, danger to the children (!), should be arrested, etc. Finally, someone who knew the owner explained that the business was NOT open – rather the owner/instructor was making training videos with his own children to post online for students quarantined at home. Not good enough for the nanny’s because it ‘sets a bad example – people might get the idea they can do whatever they want now’.
    In another case, a person reported that while playing with their kids in their front yard they were yelled at for ‘being outside’ by a passing motorist. Its scary how easy it is for people to become busybodies.

  8. Being out and about is wonderful, healthy, etc. Being 6 feet away from others not in the same family is necessary, or we are wasting our time staying home. How hard is it to understand that this is not about just you or just me. If I get the virus, I am likely to pass it on the you. That is not my right to do. Six feet.

    This is not about control of others, though it is controlling. This is about our lives. Six feet.

  9. One of my co-workers called. She’s “working from home” and going nuts.

    She’s a social person, always chatting with everyone, has a huge network of personal relationships, knows everybody in the field, and now, she doesn’t see anybody but her hubby and kids.

    There is a mental health cost to isolation.

    There may be a physical cost, too. I heard a rumor that domestic violence is showing an uptick, as families are forced into continuous close contact with no relief valve activities – school, sports, bars.

    Are we keeping the emergency rooms clear of virus cases by filling them with domestic abuse cases?

  10. We’ve had our first covid-19 related death in Hawaii. Or was it really covid-19 related?
    The first COVID-19-related death in Hawaii is that of an elderly Oahu man who tested positive for the coronavirus after being hospitalized, authorities revealed Tuesday during a statewide media conference.
    State Health Director Bruce Anderson said the man “was hospitalized recently with multiple medical issues.” He died Monday night at an undisclosed Oahu medical facility.
    “It’s not clear at this time exactly what the cause of death was, but the individual did have a positive COVID-19-associated exposure, and it possibly did contribute,” Anderson said. “Our staff are investigating the death and reviewing the private laboratory test result.”


    I’m guessing the over/under on total fatalities through May will be 100,000. About 90% of those will be> age 70, and about 90% of those will be > age 75.
    I’d bet even money on that.

  11. I heard a rumor that domestic violence is showing an uptick

    Have to contacts w/ local law enforcement: this is true.

  12. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ (attributed to) Winston Churchill

  13. Trump on 2/26: “You treat this like a flu.” Trump on 3/31: “It’s not the flu.”

    Trump continues to create the straw-man that people wanted to “do nothing,” he really should reflect on his early approach that this would just go away like a miracle.

    He doesn’t have the capacity to reflect on anything.

    Might as well ask him to run casinos, or an airline, or sell steaks.

  14. All my life, I’ve been the one who didn’t want to go out, I just wanted to sit in my chair reading a good book. If someone had threatened to let me do that full time, I’d have laughed, “Oh, no, Brer Fox, don’t throw me in THAT briar patch.”

    But now that the Governor issued The Great Minnesota “Go To Your Room” Order, under which I am REQUIRED to sit in my chair reading a good book, all I can think is, “Who made you Jell-O Sheriff of the whole county? You’re not the boss of me. I can do whatever I want.”

    Just contrary, I guess.

  15. “I’m guessing the over/under on total fatalities through May will be 100,000. About 90% of those will be> age 70, and about 90% of those will be > age 75.”

    Super. Maybe now millennials will stop whining about boomers and fetch me a damn sammich.

  16. “Who made you Jell-O Sheriff of the whole county? You’re not the boss of me. I can do whatever I want.”

    Damn ‘mericans.

  17. ” If I get the virus, I am likely to pass it on the you.”

    Not if I see you first.

  18. That’s actually funny, Emery. “Sam Stone” randomly came up on my playlist yesterday.

    That’s one major difference between Liberals and Conservatives. I supported the Vietnam War, I cried when Democrats abandoned our allies to die, I still haven’t forgiven Hanoi Jane for giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war.

    But I recognize John Prine’s right to have a different opinion on the war, and I can appreciate his music despite his political views.

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