Wiped Out

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I get that the Coronavirus is The End Of The World As We Know It.  I watch the media so I’m fully informed.  But I’m also puzzled by the behavior of Liberals.
Went to the store yesterday, saw shoppers hauling carts full of bottled water.  Wait – I thought plastic water bottles were killing the planet.  I thought we were supposed to be using Nalgene or stainless steel. What are you Liberals doing with them? 
And I thought Cheryl Crow spoke for all you decent people: one sheet of TP per session, to save the trees that eat CO2 and thereby prevent global warming.  There are 500 sheets on a roll of TP.  You’ve got enough in that cart for 6,000 dumps.  How long a siege are you preparing for?
Joe Doakes

I keep trying to tell people – do your panic shopping a few years before the panic. It’s much easier.

3 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. JD;
    I have been avoiding going to that part of the stores, because I would probably lose my filters and give them a hard time.
    Coincidentally, I did go into Target in Bloomington about an hour after they opened on Saturday and there were probably 50 cars already outside. One of the workers is my neighbor’s son and he told me that for the past two weeks, there are at least 30 people waiting in line outside the store every day when they opened and they RUN to the TP aisle. He says it’s pretty funny watching people go bat shit when they are reminded that there is a limit. In fact, the store has the self service checkouts programmed to reject more than one package.

  2. I’ve asked these people who are buying bottled water and TP in such quantities, why they are doing so. They get this clueless look on their face and mumble something about quarantine. Their excuse or cover story, of course, is that these are useful items that should be found in any home, but it seems to me that the bottled water and TP are actually acting as magic totems to ward off the viral demons. Kinda like Passover.

    Personally, I think this all goes to show what happens when a society loses its religion, specifically, Christianity.

    The other people are those who just happen to need bottled water and/or TP because they have or will soon run out. Before the checkouts were limiting purchases – a very smart decision – these people were buying extra just to avoid having to deal with the hoarders.

  3. The other day, Trump asked why hospital masks weren’t being re-used or sterilized. I’m not big on environmentalism if it doesn’t make sense, and re-useable masks may conserve mask resources, but there are a lot of other resources it would use. I almost thought it was actually Bernie that asked the question. But, alas, it was Trump, so despite many liberals who generally like to save the planet, they all had a negative opinion on Trump’s mask comment as well as the thought of homemade masks, which are re-useable and are being used all over the country right now.

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