This is today’s celebrity class:

The TL:dw version: A bunch of entitled, overpaid people blessed/cursed with fame, are virtue-signaling the rest of us by “singing” the worst song in pop music history [1] – a mewling paeon to socialism and atheism from a singer who himself became so embittered and disconnected from the world by his fame and wealth that it had become something of a cultural punch line before he was murdered and became the icon for the death of every baby boomer’s innocence – as they hole up in their Manhattan condos, California estates and rural getaways…

…as millions of people wonder how long their paychecks are going to keep coming, or if they will, and the rest of the country waits to see if the army of homeless that crowd California’s streets get completely ravaged by this new plague.

Imagine, indeed.

I’ve never been a hugeLarry the Cable Guy fan, but for today, I am totally on board.

[1] This may be a reach – but work with me, here.

I think “ex-Beatle preference” is a key dispositive indicator of political outlook and personal attitude.

I suspect “progressives” prefer John Lennon. He was the angsty, prickly one, the one who seemed most prone to have a penchant for Sylvia Plath He died tragically, relatively young, and in the grand romantic tradition, illustrating and confirming the progressive’s innate hopelessness.

I’m going to guess conservatives trend toward the sunny, optimistic, irrepressible McCartney.

Me? I’m a guitar player. I’m with Harrison.

10 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. If Lennon had been shot the day after he recorded that song, Mark David Chapman’s insanity defense would have flown right out the window.

  2. Couldn’t finish it. I was trying to eat lunch. Coronavirus special: Ramen noodle soup. I’m with you on George. For anyone thinking I might die if I went to Florida, have to disappoint you. Monroe County is shutting down hotels and condos, so no place to stay and we canceled.

  3. Imagine is the kind of meaningful, insightful song respected by progressives and dope addled, stoned college sophomores thinking deep thoughts (they’re not dissimilar in intelligence or wisdom, only in age). Gawds, that song is in the top 10 worst pop songs ever, especially because of the actual words and angst it projects.

  4. And personally I respect the Beatles as a group, for what they did to change music still to this day, and if I had to pick a Beatle it’d be Paul. Mostly because my first memory of him was him doing a small guest spot on the Simpsons and he made fun of himself HARD. Anyone who is famous and still has a sense of humor about themselves has my respect.

  5. While they are singing, others are working.


    I visited a factory outlet store in North Branch today. A pole barn with small display area in front, millions of dollars of CNC machinery in back, cranking out AR parts. With the right CNC computer codes, they could shift to machining medical grade valves for ventilators in hours.

    There are thousands of little machine shops like that one, all across the country, all capable of pounding out the equipment we need. Okay, it won’t be computer controlled, it’ll be brute force pumping air into your lungs, the modern version of an Iron Lung. But it will keep you alive. And I only visited the machinists. You know the electronics wizards could whip up a controller out of a Raspberry Pi and a gum wrapper that would work well enough until the real thing came along.

    Is this a serious crisis or just another Democrat hoax?

    Material shortages are nothing. Americans can solve that problem. What they need is the go-word from the President, to clear the hurdles, the regulations, the deep staters, the time servers, the grand standers the hell out of the way.

  6. maybe the artists can do a Live Aid webcast and donate the profits to help people affected by the virus, like waitresses.

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  8. Lol. Joe, of just one of those cunts would commit .0001 of their last years profits to support out of work waitresses, the rest would follow and that would be that.

    But hey, what’s it cost to fuck your hair up and sing a little song…4 T3h Pipul,

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