Narrative Multi-Choice

Some people say “the Coronavirus is a very real thing, and it’s going to kill a lot of people, and we’re past the point of no return on a whole lot of misery already [more later today], and we really need to clamp down on social interaction for a while to try to get it under control and save a whoooole lot of lives”.

Others say “The media and left (pardon the redundancy) are using this as one of the crises that Rahm Emanuel told them never to waste, to try to undercut the Administration, draw attention away from the dumpster fire that is their endorsement process, and jam down funding and civil rights restrictions they favor”.

Still others: “Our bureaucracy – which was started neither by Trump nor Obama – has completely crapped the bed on things like developing and distributing tests. And our “elite” media, which seems to be increasingly a PR firm for the establishment, hasn’t done jack to hold them, or the creeping socialism that has presided over this catastrophe, accountable – which is supposedly their mandate”.

Which is correct?

Why choose? They’re all correct.

30 thoughts on “Narrative Multi-Choice

  1. The countries with the worst outbreaks, outside of China, are the countries with the closest ties to China.
    Not the countries that have a president named “Trump.”

  2. So, this past weekend, I didn’t go to any of the five bars within a few blocks of me. I did, however, walk by and notice that they were PACKED. This is in NE Minneapolis. I’m pretty sure the majority of those out and about hate Trump. I hear that Bourbon St down in NOLA was the same.

    I bring this up since there were already calls for social distancing to happen. From CDC. From their news sources. But, it doesn’t apply to them. They are young. It won’t happen to me. Heck, the parking lot of one is still packed with people needing to get their last one in before things close down at 5pm.

    The same people that are in group one – saying this will kill everyone – are in many cases saying it doesn’t apply to them.

    And, lets not get started on those same bar staff that are screaming “How will I pay for stuff!” I responded “Maybe, instead of taking three vacations in the past six months, you should have saved a couple of months worth of expenses up” Blank stares are the response. I wonder how many recall the fable of the Ant and Grasshopper?

  3. Simple, headshaker, they learned the Modern PC Version of that tale.

    The Ant worked hard all Summer storing up food for the Winter while the Grasshoppers played in the sun. When Winter came, the Ant had plenty but the Grasshoppers had none. So the Grasshoppers voted a Wealth Tax to redistribute the Ant’s food to themselves and went merrily on with the party.

  4. I foresee Trump benefitting from this, barring a major FUBAR incident. The enemedia and the Demoshmucks will continue to smear him to no avail. He’s already bested a false accusation of Russian collusion and impeachment. They’re out of ammunition. Americans generally don’t replace leaders in a crisis, Hoover being the exception.

  5. I’m with you golfdoc.

    Drumpf can take the Dempanic and use it to drag the degenerates.

    Two of his winning campaign pledges were to:

    1, Build a wall and stop illegal immigration.

    2. Bring manufacturing back to the US.

    The degenerates are wide open on both issues thanks to their panic mongering.

    How will they defend letting disease ridden people sneak in across the border?

    How will the defend globalism?

    I’m telling you, this is just the kind of opportunity Drumpf knows how to use to best effect.

  6. Oh, and by the way. Since all the government schools are closed (those that weren’t already closed due to union strikes), what a wonderful opportunity for parents to try homeschooling.

    Many would find it very rewarding, and some might reside to continue it after the dempanic hoax blows over.

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  8. How will they defend letting disease ridden people sneak in across the border?
    They are doing it, Biden & Sanders both. They are terrified of being outflanked on the Left by the Ocasio-Cortez wing of the party.
    I would love to see either Biden or Sanders asked a simple question by our media overlords: “What people should be prevented from entering the US, what will you do to stop them from entering the US, and what will you do to deport them if they sneak in?”

  9. ^^ This is the new UK report that apparently led to the Trump administration’s shift in tone this past week. Well worth the read. Full study is here:

    No event better demonstrates why a quality administrative state, led by people able to differentiate experts from charlatans, is so vital to the public.

  10. They are doing it, Biden & Sanders both.

    Excellent. Now, I shall start referring to them as degenerate, low IQ misanthropes.

  11. Emery puked: “No event better demonstrates why a quality administrative state, led by people able to differentiate experts from charlatans, is so vital to the public”.

    Exactly why most of are glad that Trump is our President, instead of the witch or any of the left wing idiots running in an attempt to replace him. The left is full of leeches i.e. Bernie Sanders and charlatans posing as experts, i.e. the lame main stream media.

  12. Hoss, Commie Bernie would have declared martial law and nationalized everything by now; there would be open fighting in the streets. No, I’m not being sarcastic.

  13. Here’s another narrative option. The Kung flu is analogous to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and we’re now in a war with the PRC. There’s a lot of evidence that points to this being the case.

    Different tho’ this time is that there was only one Tokyo Rose. The PRC cheerleaders in the mainstream media and the anti-American trolls online (including SitD?) are all acting against American interests.

    I expect this narrative to grow in favor as time goes on.

  14. Bailouts, don’t pay your taxes, send everybody a $1,000 check…

    Trump is outdoing both Sanders and Warren.

  15. If Trump always knew it would be a pandemic, why didn’t he instantly rehire the NSC pandemic response team that he and Bolton had disbanded? After all, at a press conference on Feb 26, he said the reason he did it is because he didn’t like people on the payroll who were “doing nothing,” and “I can always get them back when I need them.”

    It sure seems like he could have used them, oh, about 6 or 8 weeks ago… of course, back then he was using words like “hoax” to describe what he “knew would be a pandemic.”

  16. Say, Low IQ Emery? Here’s a little something for you to gnaw on….from your pals at the Star Trib today:

    Swine flu, 2009: On April 25, the Star Tribune ran a front-page story of a flu epidemic in Mexico that had hit Texas and California. Two days later, on the top of the front page, was a report of more new cases, all over the planet. “It’s not a time to panic,” said the headline, quoting the White House.

    This was H1N1, and the initial impact seemed mild. In the second week of June, the state was reporting 30 new cases a day, but there was a general shrug about it. At the time, according to a Star Tribune graphic, there were about 14,000 cases in the United States. And then it died out.

    But it came back in the fall. There was a vaccine, but there wasn’t enough. “Vaccine rollout fuels anxiety,” read a headline, displaying a different tone than the headlines of earlier years. Anxiety about the authorities’ ability to cope was not the part you said out loud back then. President Barack Obama’s Oct. 25 announcement of a “national flu emergency” made the front page, but it wasn’t the top story. The third paragraph noted that over 1,000 people had died from the flu.

    There was a vaccine soon enough, but the rollout was plagued with glitches and ineffective batches.”

    What a colossal fuck up! How did we survive such “Executive” incompetence, LoIQEm? And, why when the dust settled and 3000 American citizens lay dead in their graves, did Democrats vote to relect such a feckless and unqualified man?

    What is wrong with you misanthropes?

  17. ^^Yes indeed! Thank you so very much for asking.

    I got out of the stock market in January, and parlayed my profits into an enormous pile of .223 and 9mm ammunition….raking in huge profits now. Incredible profits.

    I’m set for a very comfortable retirement.

  18. Should consider a LLC and licensing agreement for Pinochet Helicopter Tours. Lease them to the Trump re-election campaign for the newly printed fat stacks of cash soon to be helicoptered to the masses.

  19. I was thirteen years old in 1974. For reasons too complex to get into, I spent a lot of time back then in Dinkytown and the UM campus.
    The hatred for Nixon was everywhere. You could say anything about Nixon, no matter how crazy and insane, and be applauded — unless you defended Nixon. Then you were attacked viciously. It was a mob (or social cast) action. If the anti-Nixon mob had the powers of a Stalin or Hitler, they would have arrested the Nixon defenders, or anyone who did not join in the approved group – hate, and shot them. It was that bad.
    The people who managed this hate were Boomers, then all under thirty years old. The hate that these kids, nearly all from middle class or higher families, had for Nixon was unbelievable. It drove them into frothing madness. Nixon was a moderate Republican, more like Mitt Romney than Reagan. Yet the hatred was continuous and was enforced. If you did not confess to hating Nixon, you were shunned or denounced. Being a ROTC guy was especially despised. ROTC was a way for kids for the children of the working class to get an education. UM student leaders demanded that ROTC be banned from campus. They also demanded that military recruiters and CIA recruiters be banned from UM and Minneapolis public schools.
    I was there, I remember it.

  20. It’s almost a certain we’ll be in a recession going into the election this year. It’s beginning to look like a deep recession. It may be a short recession, but it will be painful for some period of time.

    There has been no president since the Great Depression that has gotten re-elected during a recession or in the aftermath of a recession.

    Trump has yet to demonstrate the ability to have people rally around him. Do you think this time will be any different?

  21. Thanks for the suggestion. Leave it to a midwit to miss the obvious fact that given the recent actions of degenerate leftist governors, my helicopters will be in huge demand soon, for their intended purpose.

    Couple days after California starts arresting people trying to leave the Bay Area, it will be raining degenerates.

  22. Trump has yet to demonstrate the ability to have people rally around him.

    Jfc…the stoopid; it burns.

  23. So Trump now admits that he has known for weeks that this would be a pandemic. I had thought that his repeated statements the problem was under control and his failure to get testing done and take other action to prevent the spread of Covid-19 the way Singapore and Hong Kong did showed how incompetent he is. I guess he’s now admitting that he intentionally lied to us and put us into the public health and economic crisis we find ourselves. Wow.

    In late October, this needs to be on an endless loop of ads that Bloomberg pays for. Repetition leads to belief, not truth alone

  24. take other action to prevent the spread of Covid-19 the way Singapore and Hong Kong did

    Singapore and Hong Kong are under dictatorship and Communist control, respectively. Low IQ Emery likes how they roll, and is sure Americans feel the same way.


    We’ll, don’t get your dauber down, you poor thing. California is giving martial law a spin today. Let’s see how that works out, shall we? Lmfao

  25. Trumps trade war weakened the economy and his incompetent response to the COVID-19 virus completely tanked it. I’m glad we agree that there was no global shutdown during Ebola, or Swine flu, or MERS.

    Enjoy the recession, and remember it happened on Trump’s watch.

  26. Trump about pandemic: “There has never been anything like this in history. Never”.
    Um… His perception of the obvious is amazing.

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