Imagine My Shock

Bernie Bro youtuber Carlos Maza isn’t especially oblique about his politics:

He’s one of those “eat the rich” “socialists”. I’m not going to link to his material – I watched a bit, so you wouldn’t have to.

Anyway he’s a little more reticent about disclosing his own background.

Fortunately, the NYPost isn’t:

Through his clan, the millennial firebrand is connected to multiple Florida mega-mansions, a $7.1 million pad on the Upper West Side purchased under an LLC — and a yacht by luxury boat-maker Donzi.

Maza’s mother Vivian Maza was one of the first employees at Ultimate Software, a Florida-based behemoth which now employs more than 5,000 people. Starting in 1990 as an office manager, she ultimately rose to become the group’s chief people officer in 2004.

In addition to her day job, Vivian Maza also developed a very close personal relationship with company founder Scott Scherr — so close that an independent assessment of the company in 2016 cited the relationship as a “corporate governance concern.”

The report said they believed the pair to be “more than just co-workers” and have a “familial relationship.” The two later became engaged, and the couple has lived together for years, with Scherr being a de facto stepfather to Carlos.

Public records show Vivian, Scott, Carlos and sister Isabel all registered to vote at a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom waterfront palace in Boca Raton, Florida. The property sold in 2018 for $10.8 million according to realty website Zillow. Scherr also unloaded a four-bed, four-bath home in 2015 mansion in Weston, Florida, for $1,850,000 in 2015.

Back when I had my original show on KSTP-AM back in the eighties, I did a little digging into the background of the leaders of the Minneapolis “Backroom Anarchist Center”, a local precursor to “Anti”-Fa. And every single leader whose background I could find hailed from Edina, Wayzata or (for the real blue-collar heroes) Woodbury; they had degrees from Macalester, Saint Thomas or (for the ones that were slumming it) the U of M, to a person.

And it’s no wonder. It takes a lot of money to maintain the “socialist” lifestyle and mindset.

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  1. The US establishment strongly opposes Sanders. The voters are the reason he’s not likely to be the nominee.

    I mean — can you imagine the stock market under a Sanders administration.

  2. Compare and contrast:

    Child A, raised in a family where you were fed (not always what you wanted, maybe not always enough, but happy to have it), had clean clothing to wear (just not the latest fashions), and if you wanted something besides the basics, you had to earn it.

    Child B, raised where you were fed whatever you wanted, at whatever time. The clean clothing is washed by a housekeeper. It is the latest style, and never a hand me down. If you don’t like something, complain till it appears. Hard work could kill you.

    This dude is Child B. Most Bernie supporters are closer to B than A. They’ve always been given things. They don’t like capitalism because people don’t give them things. They think socialism will be like their childhood, or in many cases, their current life. Parents paying credit cards for their offspring into their late 20’s? That’s why we have socialists today. Most conservatives I know didn’t grow up broke, but did grow up having to work for things. So, they understand worth.

  3. “I hate my parents. Dad is a no-time-for-anything businessman and mom is a social climber.”

    “Therefore I hate myself because they showered me with like everything to compensate.”

    “But I don’t wanna hate myself, so I devote my time to social justice and like everything that they oppose.”

    “But not too much, least they cut me off.”

  4. Vladimar Nabakov wrote that communism was not a phenomenon of the working class and the poor, communism was a phenomenon of the bourgeois, that is, the management class.

  5. In time of crisis, the role of US leadership is to unite. Trump’s approach will undermine confidence in US economy.

    “The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!” ~ Donald Trump Twitter

  6. Trump’s approach will undermine confidence in US economy.

    As is evidenced by that past performance of the economy under Trump’s approach.

    “Look! Look! All the indicators are dropping!”

    “Uh, you are holding the graph upside down.”

  7. In time of crisis, the role of US leadership is to unite. Trump’s approach will undermine confidence in US economy.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste.”- Rahm Emanuel

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  9. In time of crisis, the role of US leadership is to unite.
    This is a platitude. It is not remotely the truth.
    Abe Lincoln split the country in half. His election was the immediate cause of the secession of the Confederate States.
    Most people consider Lincoln one of our greatest, if not the greatest, president.

  10. All these noodle armed little twats need to revisit the history of Communism.

    They all think they’ll be in charge, but history tells us, again and again; they’ll be the first against the wall.

  11. Maza is the kind of twisted pos the police will find a pair of childhood underpants from in Emery’s trophy room.

    Did u Take Sum PrOfitz about 10 years ago and spend a few weeks in FL tuning up for the Maverick’s surf classic D_K?

  12. ^^ “By the dip”

    The Saudis and Russians certainly picked an interesting time to engage in a price war.

  13. I think that there is a sort of devolution of the commies going on in America.
    Gus Hall came from a working class background. He was a smart guy, decided screw this working for a living thing, and become CPUSA boss.
    Andy Stern came from a typical bourgeois household (his father was a lawyer). Stern got a BA in education, became a union social worker & eventually took over the SEIU.
    Maza skipped all that crap. His mother is a millionaire business woman. He attended a private college & graduated with a degree in PoliSci. He went to work for Media Matters directing its LGBT unit. Not even close to being a worker. I doubt if he actually knows anyone who is a worker.
    Commies ain’t what they used to be.
    As an honest-to-God worker, I’ll make him first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  14. I doubt if he actually knows anyone who is a worker

    Oh, he knows ’em. They’re the ones who clean, cook, make sure things work, fix the things that don’t.

  15. The Saudis and Russians certainly picked an interesting time to engage in a price war.

    Low oil prices are bad. Who knew? I suppose China and India will be taking all the cheap oil and cranking up the global warming.

    The American fracking industry can withstand this better than the Saudis – and especially the Russians – can. They’ve already done it once,

  16. Econ 101: energy is a substitute for human labor. Human labor is expensive. Cheap energy fuels economic growth, regardless of the fact that it hurts some energy sector workers and investors.

  17. ^^ Wow crude dropped 20%. Can’t wait for my local gas station to lower the prices by 2 cents a gallon because of it.

    The biggest losers are US shale oil producers because most are heavily in debt. With oil at $30-$35 a barrel, quite a few of these heavily leveraged shale producers will be unprofitable.

  18. Oh this asshole also got my favorite YouTuber, Steven Crowder, deplatformed and demonitzed a few months back because he complained to YouTube about him. This guy is a gem and isnt a commie, he’s a fascist.

  19. Woolly: So in less than a month we are to believe we went from the greatest economy in history to needing immediate emergency stimulus and emergency rate cuts and emergency tax cuts and emergency spending legislation and emergency farmers bailout and emergency repo market injections and emergency announcements and promises to support the economy and…

    The list is just too long

    The good news in the market is that when stocks go a bit lower, the toilet paper crisis will be over.

  20. I make no comment on the Trump admin’s efforts to shore up the economy in the wake of the covid-19 hit to the economy. I really do not know if what is being done is wise (or not). Neither do you.
    But because I believe in being prudent, I think that announcing the steps the central bank could do to fight the short term hit of covid-19 would be just as effective as doing them.
    But what do I know? Nuttin’. Just like everyone else.

  21. I have friends that are down $200k in their retirement accounts over the past week.

    However, they can get gas for under $2 a gallon!

    Sticking it to the man!

  22. Wait until the Boomers hit the mandatory withdrawal date. They have to pull money out, the fund has to sell, share prices drop, everybody panics trying to pull more money out, the fund has to sell even more at the new, lower prices, share prices drop even further . . . .

    It’s guaranteed to fail but nobody seems to care.

  23. Stocks are up as Trump promises to cut more taxes and add to $23 Trillion debt.

    These efforts only help a fake pull up for a short period. The market will continue to go down as the actual supply chains, tourism, transportation and services industries are collapsing until the vaccine is found.

  24. Wait until the Boomers hit the mandatory withdrawal date

    JD, unless I’ve misunderstood something, this has already occurred. The age is 70 1/2 and Boomers started back in 2015-ish. I think you also overlook that most investments become more conservative over time and are thus less likely to be affected – or affect – the market in general.

  25. It’s guaranteed to fail but nobody seems to care.

    Except for us millenials who are smart enough to have cash on hand to buy dirt cheap stocks at that time JD.

  26. The RMD age for retirement plans & IRA’s was recently increased to 72.
    Social Security is still 70.5 (I believe).

  27. Say, did you ever notice that some people think that when the Dow is down, that’s due to Trump’s incompetence, and when the Dow is up, that’s due to Trump’s poor fiscal policy?
    The very definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  28. The change doesn’t alter the validity of my comment, MP. From the IRS website: If you turned age 70 ½ prior to January 1, 2020, your RMDs are based on age 70 ½, not age 72. The oldest Boomers have already started taking RMDs.

    PoD, the market is always on the verge of an unrecoverable meltdown.

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