12 thoughts on “Idle Question

  1. It says that they are more likely to be Black than the voters in New Hampshire or Nevada.

  2. MP,
    Think how big Joe’s lead would be if Obama actually endorsed him instead of leaving him hanging.

  3. Yep. And Obama knows Biden better than any voter or journalist.
    I keep waiting to hear about Biden’s “moderate” positions on health care, gun control, free speech, abortion, etc.

  4. Wait a minute, you are saying that there are people who are actually “for” Joe Biden? Seriously? That is like being “for” wallpaper.

  5. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but there are actual living, conscious human beings, who are independent adults, able to hold down a job, care for children, etc., whose wildest dream come true would be a Biden presidency.

  6. FYI, I guess that if Trump is re-elected, and the GOP keeps the senate, that is worth DJIA + 5,000. My personal wealth, on the cusp of retirement, would increase by about $100,000.
    If any of the commies on the other side win (let’s call them what they are), and the Dems win the senate & the house, it’s DJIA down by 10K, and so I will be very sad.
    My record on this is better than Krugman’s.
    Where is my Nobel prize? I’ll share it with Trump. We’ll give the cash part of the prize to Krugman’s favorite charity if he hands the Nobel to us himself.

  7. It says >50% of SCarolina Democrats are Negroes that take their marching orders from Jim Clyburn.

  8. Don’t they watch the debates? Don’t they follow the news?

    And they still want to vote for slow Joe?

  9. When Minnesota votes on Tuesday, are there enough Klobuchar patriots to beat the Bernie Bros? Will Amy take her own state?

  10. Well Joe, only time will tell.

    Let’s focus on the key demographics, it’s soccer moms with ELCA hair against male feminists wearing blond dread-locks.

    At least we know who the teachers will vote for…

    Whoever they are told to vote for.

    Anyone notice that THE RED STAR (The Strib) published a scathing editorial against Bernie Sanders? Why…. Why…. Why…. He’s an apologist for commie dictators they say… and the irony meter explodes.

    Just waiting for THE VOICE OF THE DFL (MPR) to weigh in.

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