It’s That Time Of Year Again

And now for some real gun rights news.

The DFL’s two big gun grab bills – HF8 (Universal Gun Registration) and HF9 (Red Flag Confiscation Orders) are back for their second round in the biennium.

And they’re already out on the House floor.

The MN Gun Owners’ Caucus is asking people to turn out tomorrow afternoon:

We expect the session to gavel in at 3:30 PM, but this may change.


WHERE: State Capitol – House Chamber (look for House Gallery entrance, 3rd floor)

WHEN: Arrive by 2:45PM to obtain a good seat. There is seating for around 80 people. There is a lot of standing room only space.

The bills will die in the Senate, of course.  But it’s good that the House knows who’s really going to turn out this fall.  There are a lot of mid-term DFLers from Trump districts who especially need to get the message. 

4 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year Again

  1. One days notice is unacceptable. Y’all should have had your plans made a week ago.

    Each member can offer as many amendments as they want. Every amendment has to be debated and voted on. If every GOP member offered 10 amendments (an amendment can consist of nothing more than a word change) these bills would never make it to a vote.

    Berg doesn’t share conversations (if any) he’s had with MNGOCA, but they had better have been in communications with the GOP members. The fact there is no early warning or coordination says they have not.

    The Virginia Citizens Defense League is joined at the hip to their GOP assembly members. They know what’s coming up and plan together. That’s how they’ve successfully squashed to worst of the proposed gun grabs even though they’re vastly outnumbered.

    The Gun Owners of South Carolina,?of which I’m a member (even though I don’t own any firearms), is in constant communication with our legislators and other 2A groups throughout the SE.

    Y’all need to get your shit together. The degenerates want your stuff and by God they’ll not stop until they get it or are removed from office. Y’all can’t go at it willy-nilly; this is a war. Tactical and strategic planning with your allies is crucial or you’re done.

  2. BTW. In case any of y’all think my “this is a war” warning was hyperbole, consider this.

    Last night, creepy Uncle Joe, who’s been trying to walk the center line on gun control, went full on crazy last night and explicitly threatened not the NRA, but legit firearms manufacturers.

    “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down”

    Think on that a minute, friends. That power hungry cock sucker threatened legitimate manufacturers of a product that is not only legal, but is protected by our Constitution.

    Joe was goaded into his insane threat by the rest of the degenerates he’s running against. They’ve all thrown their hats into the ring.

    This is a war.

  3. “its war”
    I have to agree with Swiftee on this point.
    Reagan made this mistake with Tip Oneil, believing it was just a spirited discussion among friends, and that those “friends” would keep their word once an agreement was reached which Oneil had no intention of doing – don’t expect any better from today’s crop of Democrats.

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