Justice Must Be Served!

You know me.

I”m an uncompromising proponent of 2nd Amendment rights.

And so it was with horror that I saw the MNGOP last week attacking the Dorr Brothers – the purveyors of “Minnesota Gun Rights”, as well as a pro-life and pro-Trump group – last week.

One could call it defamation – saying something untrue about someone, that’ll harm their reputation in the community, with malicious disregard for the facts.

I’ve publicly urged the Dorr Brothers (Facebook link and on the air) to take their case against the MNGOP to court, to lay the record out in public – the financial records proving their nonstop advocacy for gun rights – and forever shut down the allegations that they are just a bunch of hucksters fleecing gullible Minnesotans with aggressive rhetoric (always aimed at pro-gun Republicans, almost never at anti-Gun Democrats.

I’m not sure if they took my advice and filed those papers yet.

But while I wait for word, I thought I’d point out the toll that this effort has taken on the Dorrs. They posted this yesterday:

Those personal attacks are really a sign of desperation.

Like this one, before the 2019 legislative session, aimed at Bryan Strawer and Rob Doar, the director and lobbyist for the MN Gun Owners Caucus, respectively.

Again. Here’s hoping the Dorrs take their case to court, and throw those books open, to defend their legacy of rigorous integrity.

In court.

8 thoughts on “Justice Must Be Served!

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit, I get confused.

    I remember Mitch warning us there was some group claiming to be gun rights supporters, but they were just hucksters. Out of Iowa, or somewhere, I think.

    And I know there’s another group that vigorously advocates for our rights.

    But honest to God, I can’t remember which is which. And that’s what the hucksters are hoping for, of course. Like the guy running a burger place named “McDowells” whose symbol is the Golden Arcs and whose sandwich is the Big Mick.

    Help me remember, Mitch. Who are the Good Guys? And are they the ones under attack?

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  3. Let me clarify.

    MN Gun Owners Caucus – Bryan Stawser, Rob Doar and a few thousand volunteers and supporters – does the actual work.

    “MN Gun Rights” has been accused of being hucksters. The MNGOP called them as much. They need to go to court, and file discovery on both sides to PROVE that the party is lying about them.

    That’ll involve opening up the records and showing that they’re actually a behemoth of integrity.

    Smellin’ what I’m cookin’?

    About aaaaaaall

  4. Translation; our gracious host wants the Iowa frauds to be, legally speaking, slapped into next week. :^)

  5. The left wing, Emily’s List endorsed Governor of New Mexico, signed a red flag law earlier this week. Of course, she surrounded herself with the Misguided Moms, who, of course, smugly rejoiced the violation of the rights of law abiding gun owners. Bloomberg’s money has usurped the constitution, again!
    This morning, Fox 9’s political reporter, said that there were “many of them there and many more are expected.” I hope gun owners outnumbered them.

  6. That Facebook link is no longer good. Looks like those boys are rolling up the carpets.

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