3 thoughts on “That Feeling When You Can’t Tell…

  1. When will the media call Sanders on his bullshit? “Democratic socialist” my ass. A commitment to democracy means respecting the point of others. Bernie, like all socialists, divides humanity into two camps: the good people on his side and the evil bastards on the other side. Is Bernie interested in reaching any kind of accommodation with people who reject his socialist policies? The words “compromise” and “democratic socialist” don’t belong in the same sentence. The man is a would-be autocrat who hates and despises every person he disagrees with.

  2. A literacy program under a dictator simply produces literate zealots and slaves. If Castro had allowed the Cubans to read whatever they wanted, they might start questioning things, and that’s a dictator’s Kyptonite.

    Reading some of the tweets in support of Sanders, it’s apparent that many on the Left think the ends justify the means, or they try to falsely compare or equate the Castro literacy program with the Trump “you are fake news” refrain. The cognitive dissonance on display is staggering: These folks will clutch their pearls over the “attacks” on the media– an American citizen, who happens to be POTUS, exercising his First Amendment rights– and then excuse all the eggs cracked making the Communist dictatorship omelette.

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