Pauline Kael Syndrome. With Weapons.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison confesses, de facto, to spending the past three years under a rock:

So many comebacks possible – and the conservative Internet delivered a lot of them.  So much so that it modified the dictum to “never look at the comments”. 

But Steve Scalese topped ’em all:

4 thoughts on “Pauline Kael Syndrome. With Weapons.

  1. That response by Steve Scalise, was the ultimate smack down to the despicable and unqualified to be AG jerk ass, Ellison.

  2. What’s sad, is that the media has done such a fine job of memory holing the shooting that everyone to the left of this blog has no idea what Scalise is talking about.

  3. That “under a rock” comment is interesting in this context, but, in general, what has our AG been up to? It’s been kinda quiet or have I just not been paying attention?

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