My Own Private Caracas

I heard this – or a piece just like it, and which may well have been a rerun – on NPR on Sunday afternoon – explaining Bernie Sanders’ putative popularity among young latinos. 

And I found it pretty much chilling, to be honest.  

The Sanders campaign is pitching its candidate  as Tio Bernie – “Uncle Bernie” – to young Latin-Americans:

Shawn Navarro, a 33-year-old Sanders volunteer in Las Vegas, refers to his favorite presidential candidate as “Tío Bernie.”

“He reminds us a lot in the Latinx community of your grandpa, or your tío,” explained Navarro after a recent Spanish-language campaign event in Nevada. “He’s kind of stern, a little grumpy at times. But, at the same time, you really know he’s looking out for you.”

Latinos, Navarro says, are tired of listening to talking points from Democrats who come to their neighborhoods, “speak a little bit of Spanish” and “eat tacos,” but then don’t deliver any real results. It’s why, he says, exit polls found that Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, “who was far less offensive,” performed roughly equally with Latinos in the 2016 and 2012 elections.

Latinos come from a part of the world that’s been fairly ravaged by socialists painting themselves as “family” for right around two centuries.

There’s a real educational opportunity, here.

I don’t entirely mean for “progressives”.

11 thoughts on “My Own Private Caracas

  1. “True socialism” has never been tried.

    So let’s try it!!

    Let’s nationalize all the coffee shops and serve nothing but watered down Folgers. We could then invest the profits in healthcare.

    Come to think of it “watered down Folgers” pretty much describes government run education. Say, I have an idea, why not invest the profits from public education (the amount spent – the amount actually required to educate a child) in healthcare.

    We could then invest the profits made from nationalizing heathcare into community organizing!!

    Now, that is true socialism. It is time to try it.

  2. Bernie is polling well among Latinx, which is not surprising at all.
    I’d like to see how Bernie is polling among people that still identify as Latino.

  3. “Latinx” is the perfect NPR-ism.
    I suppose it’s more dignified than “spix.”

  4. I’m having a lot of trouble swallowing this story from NPR. As the Instapundit crew is wont to say, this is just more proof that the MSM are Democrat operatives with bylines.

    SmithStCrx’s comment is very subtle and very true in this regard. Less subtly, the Latinx guy is named Shawn and I know that real Latinos despise the term.

    This quote is nothing more than campaigning for Bernie.
    “There is a huge distrust among the Latinx community with the Democratic party that they’re not following through on their promises,” Navarro said. “Bernie is the exact opposite. He has a real authenticity.”

    Bernie is known for having done little or nothing in Congress. Ever. Just like when he was in a commune in the 60s or 70s and was kicked out.

  5. Did everybody else see the video where Bernie actually praised Soviet bread lines, claiming falsely that people got fed there? One would figure that a U. of Chicago grad might know about little historical events like the Holodomor/Ukrainian famine, but apparently not.

    Or for that matter, you’d have hoped that a career politician like Bernie would, say, “read the papers” sufficiently to know that the Soviets–owners of the former breadbasket of Europe–were importing wheat to feed their people throughout the 1980s. The guy’s resistance to known facts is quite impressive, to put it mildly.

    Or “depressive”.

  6. MP the reason Latinx is used now is because they dont want to use gender pronouns i.e. Latino=male Latina=female Latinx=the fucked up state we find ourselves in now here in 2020 (and just typing this out makes me wan t to vomit with rage).

  7. BB, oh believe me if Bernie somehow manages to win the massive floor fight they are headed for in Milwaukee and is the nominee, Trump2020 has dozens, if not hundreds, of ad videos lined up that they will unleash ASAP.

  8. Nada hamburguesa


    Regarding jdm’s link, and AK’s childhood Spanish nickname, is her husband’s name “Ole”?

    My favorite Spanish class story is when a friend of mine was caught napping by the teacher, who asked him “Como te llamas, Jim?”, to which he responded “I forget–I’ll have to look it up!”

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