The MNDFL: Literally The Nanny State


Clearly, you’ve solved all the real problems:

A group of Minnesota House Democrats introduced a bill this week that would require restaurants to serve certain drinks as the “default beverage” for children’s meals.
The bill was introduced Tuesday by Reps. Jeff Brand (DFL-St. Peter), Samantha Vang (DFL-Brooklyn Center), and Rob Ecklund (DFL-International Falls).
Under the bill, all Minnesota restaurants would be required to make the “default beverage” included with children’s meals either water or sparkling water, unflavored milk, or a nondairy milk alternative that contains “no more than 130 calories” per serving.

Look – as I’ve noted, I’m all for cutting. It’s cut my obesity rate pretty sharply.

But it’s not like Minnesota DFLersl aren’t making it hard enough to run a business of any kind, much less a restaurant.

The real question: when do we find out about the kickbacks from Big Water and Big MilK?

4 thoughts on “The MNDFL: Literally The Nanny State

  1. We definitely need to change the meeting of MN Legislature to a biennial system like they do in TX. Let them meet, pass a budget and then go home. Cut there pay in half to match.

  2. Scott, we already sorta, kinda have that. As I recall (I expect to be corrected by the many knowledgeable people on this site), budgets are created every other year. It’s just that the business of creating new laws, non-budgetary laws, is such an important and ever-abiding task that our legislators need to meet every year for the same five(-ish) months. I expect that five month limit to disappear eventually as well.

  3. Well, yeah, JDM, your behavior, as a citizen, as a parent, as a spouse, and as a consumer, is constantly in need of adjustment by elected officials.
    Who better to manage the details of your life than popularly elected lawyers informed by sociologists?

  4. I think I’d replace that “sociologists” with “unelected officials” for the complete package, MP. But otherwise, yes.

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