The Historian’s Conundrum

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Shouldn’t the torn-up pieces of Trump’s speech be in the Smithsonian? First State of the Union Address Ripped Up by the Opposition Live and On Camera?
If Trump was black they would have done it. Just because he’s orange is no reason to discriminate against him. This is racism, straight up.
Joe Doakes

I have to wonder what Trump is doing to the chemical tan business…

4 thoughts on “The Historian’s Conundrum

  1. JD & Greg, I think she already looks like she’s in a museum…..Madame Tussauds wax museum.

  2. Trump got caught corruptly conditioning an official decision to provide military aid to Ukraine on Ukraine first giving him a personal benefit — investigating his leading US presidential opponent — an action that undercuts the integrity of US elections. Whether its called abuse of office or bribery, corruption is a crime and you’re debating whether it’s proper to rip up a few sheets of paper.

    Trump and his supporters are using what Pelosi did as a distraction, which is all it is.

  3. You are off your rocker again, Emery. Argument by adjective is ineffective.
    Your side had their chance to prove their case against Trump, and they failed, miserably. They did not even charge him with a crime!
    And Trump supporters have no need for any distractions. The record high stock market, record low unemployment, and the antics of the Dems seeing how far left they can go is distraction enough. I fully expect Bernie to endorse his campaign worker’s idea of putting Republicans in “re-education” camps within a week or two, Buttagieg will almost certainly follow by saying that re-education camps are too good for Republicans, they should be shot, and Warren will probably one-up by saying that Republicans should be tortured to death, as well as their minor children and pets.
    The Loonies are on your side of the wire, comrade.

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