So – if you’re an anti-gun legislator and you’re proud of it, how about you show the world?

James O’Keefe asked the question of a phalanx of key anti-gun Democrats and their staffers. And the results were…

….utterly predictable:

Money quote (emphasis added):

After some discussion, Erik Sperling, legislative assistant for Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI 13th) said he thought it would make it more likely for someone to break into his home if they knew for sure there was no way for the people inside to protect themselves.
“So, you’re sort of saying you should have a gun to protect your home then,” the undercover reporter says.
“Yeah, it’s a tricky thing,” Sperling says, adding that he’d want a sign on his boss’s house to say “Armed security, stay back,” because of his status. By the end of the encounter, he says, “What’s the thinking behind this strategy Because it seems to make the case for the (gun rights) side.”

Gun control – for the peasants. 

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