5 thoughts on “Signs We’ve Reached Peak Urban Progressive Privilege

  1. Apparently the concept of “make contact with someone, do some things right and make some mistakes, correct course”, is so difficult that it’s easier to pay someone to yell at you.

    I couldn’t get over the fox hunting picture described at the beginning of the article. One would figure leftists would figure out that they didn’t like that and lose the picture, but apparently not.

  2. It struck me while reading this and the linked-to article that this seems all rather masochistic. And, yes, I do mean that in that the sexual way.

    I mean, geez, “50 Shades of Grey” and its siblings are the most popular books of the last 10 years.

    It’s a form of LARPing, yes? Upper class white women pay money to be tortured. For pleasure. Be interesting to find out if there’s an unspoken agreement as to what is too much or too far. If there’s a so-called safe word.

  3. I have made the following helpful edit to the article:

    Rao and Jackson believe white, liberal women are the most receptive gullible audience because they are open to changing their behavior virtue-signaling to keep the minority vote on the “progressive” plantation.

    These little gem of race-baiting logic took 2 whole seconds to destroy:

    They don’t bother with the 53% of white women who voted for Trump.
    Because those 53% of white women don’t agree with your premise?

    White men, they feel, are similarly a lost cause. “White men are never going to change anything. If they were, they would have done it by now,” Jackson says.
    Allow this white man, Ms. Jackson, to bludgeon you with a clue-by-4: MLK, Malcolm X, and the other minorities who pushed for change in the 1960s did not get it done alone. It was a majority of white men in Congress (*cough* Republicans *cough*) who got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to Johnson’s desk, a white man who, as president, signed the bill into law. Motivations aside, it would seem that white men did change things, and your premise is flawed. Otherwise, you and Ms. Rao would be lecturing your white dinner hostesses and their friends from a separate table, assuming you were even allowed in the door, not to mention the neighborhood.

    “But wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.”

    Does she cite a source on this? Or is her own bigoted generalizations? And what’s the threshold for “wealthy”? I better ask my wife if she was taught this, just in case she meets the likely-arbitrary threshold.

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