Correct, In Retrospect

That moment when virtue-signaling collides with reality:

I have a hunch that’s not going to age well.

By the opposite token, I’ve got a feeling this is going to have repercussions among the “woke” crowd as well.

21 thoughts on “Correct, In Retrospect

  1. Ill be looking into this later today. The online sports community aint exactly the most forgiving type of people.

  2. Funny coincidence. The two are both ex-Seattle players. At the same time.

    As to the “woke”, eff ’em. I doubt this will have any effect at all in the larger population seeing as how it includes Kanye as well as Trump.

  3. Well, maybe he knew, deep down, that he wouldn’t be getting the invitation anyway.

    When I heard uber liberal Van Jones give Trump credit for initiating criminal justice reform and pardoning a 63 year old black grandmother that had been in prison for over 30 years for a minor offense, I looked out the window for flying pigs. Even the most woke black person, should have really opened their eyes.

  4. The Athletic had an article last week about the 49ers star rookie defensive end, Nick Bosa, and how “everyone” expected him to have trouble fitting in with his SF teammates because he wore a MAGA hat and had “liked” a couple of supposed white supremacist pages. To the writer’s chagrin, it turns out that he gets along with his teammates just fine; even Sherman likes and respects him.

    As for the game and the commercials, was Trump’s emotional black woman more effective than Bloomberg’s emotional black woman?

  5. And how funny is it that Trump’s criminal justice reform commercial runs the same weekend that A-Klo is being hammered for being the one tooting the whistle on the train that railroaded Myon Burrell into prison, back in the day?

  6. Lots of reactions to that halftime show. Gosh. Conservatives sure are concerned with decency.

  7. Gosh. Conservatives sure are concerned with decency.

    I am curious about this insinuation that being concerned with decency is a Bad Thing. Could you explain this?

  8. Emery Incognito on February 3, 2020 at 10:36 am said:
    Lots of reactions to that halftime show. Gosh. Conservatives sure are concerned with decency.

    The reactions I have seen have come from libs pointing the hypocrisy of celebrating women while objectifying them.
    LOL, people who think that the superbowl half-time shows are an appropriate target for cultural criticissim are just sad.

  9. Look at the half-time show and ask yourself: Who is the Superbowl’s target market? Who are they trying to entertain?

    If it’s not you, why are you watching?

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  11. But – this was the “Woman Empowerment Super Bowl”! We had women owners of NFL teams; we had a commercial with women playing football (and not the Lingerie Bowl) and kicking field goals; we had a commercial about the first woman NFL coach; we had an Oil of Olay commercial about equality (if you’re beautiful). We even had the first half-time show with two female headliners and….oh, wait, it is the Lingerie Bowl, after all. Oh, yeah, hoochie that coochie, baby!

  12. I haven’t watched pro sportsball at all for at least 5 years. I didn’t see a minute of yesterday’s debauchery live last night, but I did see a clip of female singer flicking her tongue at a phallus shaped microphone, and strippers on poles flashing their snappers at the camera during the half time show.

    We don’t see that kind of thing at USC, Clemson or local HS games. But I’m sure it’s popular among the degenerate left, the vibrant centers of urban areas and the inebriated trailer park community.

  13. LOL, people who think that the superbowl half-time shows are an appropriate target for cultural criticism are just sad.

    I disagree, MP.

    Although viewership has been falling, the SP is still the biggest single day event on television. The half time entertainment and the ads are carefully crafted to appeal to what the NFL and corps believe is the viewing public. Since the early 90’s it has grown increasingly political (leftist), increasingly crude and increasingly degenerate. Remember when Justin Timberlake tore off Janet Jackson’s bra? That was tame compared with the clips I saw of yesterday’s bacchanal.

    And although I haven’t seen any of them, I’d bet my next paycheck against a dollar that the famed SP advertisements were liberally sprinkled with sexual and mentally ill deviants, of every stripe, in various themes to prove they’re just like us.

    Anyone remember the Bud frogs? Seems like a lifetime ago.

    I’m no prude; no one loves a female body more than me. And in my earlier days, my friends and I were no strangers to the (now defunct) 22 Club on University. But strip clubs were out of the public eye; we went there because they were raucous venues that catered to raucous men.

    When you look at the whole picture today, it’s clear that our country is being led into degeneracy by leftists, and many are willingly walking down that path. Within 5 years, we’ll see hard core porn on broadcast TV; you heard it here first.

  14. ^^ Thanks VH1 & MTV. We glorify crooks, teen mothers and Kardashian tramps. And then we wonder how we elected the President we did.

    For some reason, Garoppolo reminded me of Cousins last night.

    Mahomes is unflappable. No panic. Just goes out and comes back from 10 down in the fourth quarter to win the biggest game of his career.

  15. I have to say I half watched the halftime show and never saw what everyone picked up on today. I was just impressed that these 2 over the hill Latina pop stars are still as stunning as they were in their prime 10-20 years ago.

  16. Regarding the commercials and the halftime show, suffice it to say that I’m not betting against Swiftee.

    Regarding the game, it was really interesting; very tight first half, the 49ers appeared to be getting under the skin of the Chiefs in the 3rd quarter, but that reversed in the 4th quarter. It was almost as if someone was walking down the Chiefs’ sideline telling each person “get your head in the game, these guys are celebrating way too early, we’ve got ’em right where we want them.”

  17. Swiftee, you sound like a fuddy-duddy. Now that I have turned 60 years of age, the fires are, well, burning pretty low. I thought the whole bit was as contrived as a show at a strip club, meaning I am not the target audience.
    The two girls were certainly energetic!

  18. ^^ Do you find as I do (men of a certain age) that AARP cover girls are starting to look a bit intriguing and somewhat provocative?

  19. Swiftee – the story of the Double Deuce (22nd Ave strip club) and it’s twin BJ’s are interesting. Especially in light of city zoning. Both were run out of business by the city, 22nd just helped the decline along themselves.

    Both were outside the downtown zone, which is where the city wants strip clubs. 22nd got caught buying alcohol from a liquor store (can’t do that if you’re a bar, and if you haven’t paid your bills you can’t buy from a distributor). That forced them to shut down. I think BJ’s finally got sick of fighting, and closed down a couple months ago.

    Wasn’t a fan of either, but I rooted for both to survive as an FU to central planning.

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