Baited, Switched

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Remember the gun buyback in Minneapolis in August of 2016? You wrote about it in a column entitled Buyback Diary.
I sold a couple of guns, got six gift cards worth $25 each, issued by Sunrise Banks. I threw them in my range box for a rainy day.  Money in the bank, right?
Nope. Sunrise Banks charges a $5 fee per year. I just talked to the bank manager. The money is all gone. Should have read the fine print.
I would say something profound, like “I won’t make that mistake again.” Except I no longer have any guns to sell, having sold those two and lost all the rest in that tragic canoe accident.
Joe Doakes

Is there anything about that buyback (read the link) that didn’t turn into comedy gold?

2 thoughts on “Baited, Switched

  1. But, JD! It’s the World’s Most Socially Responsible Bank! I’ll bet those fees went to something “good”.

  2. JD;

    You may want to check into that. A banking friend of mine told me that under Minnesota law, there can be an expiration date on gift cards, but they can’t deduct fees.

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