Why Trump Just Might Win Again

If you haven’t seen this, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon.

This is what “GOP” “Strategist” Rick Wilson and the NYTimes Wajahat Ali think of their opponents when they think they’re on friendly turf:

Don Lemon “apologized” by saying he “didn’t catch” all of what his guests were saying.

Of course he didn’t. He was too busy laughing at the smugging.

I don’t care for Trump – but if the GOP had beaten Hillary with Scott Walker or Mitt Romney or a new genetic clone made from Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower’s DNA, they’d be saying the same exact thing.

We know this because during the Reagan and Bush I and II administrations, they said the same thing.

It just didn’t get preserved and distributed.

Speaking of which – preserve and distribute.

5 thoughts on “Why Trump Just Might Win Again

  1. MBerg is correct in that Trump indeed has a good chance of winning re-election, probably 50/50 or 40/60 at worst, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1) Trump’s margin of victory was incredibly slim in the swing states, i.e. Michigan 17k votes, Wisconsin 27k, Minnesota 44k, and so on. Given these slim margins, it seems likely that at least 1-2 will flip and make the race incredibly close.

    2) Florida is already and Texas is becoming a swing state. If either of these flip, especially Texas, it’s game over.

    3) In retrospect, Clinton was a terrible candidate for the 2016 cycle given the anti-incumbent, anti-establishment environment and the perception that she was handed the Democratic nomination.

    4) Clinton hardly campaigned in the Midwest, for example not campaigning at all in Wisconsin, which was a huge mistake.

    5) Enthusiasm for Clinton was low and I suspect many thought Trump had no chance, leading to slightly lower than expected Democrat turnout.

    Putting all of this together created the perfect storm for Clinton and tailwind for Trump. Will all of these same factors align in 2020? We’ll see. I agree that few Trump voters have changed their mind, but the Democrat base will be fired up. It all comes down to the Democratic candidate in my opinion. Trump’s approval rating is at -10 despite a good economy which highlights his vulnerability.

  2. What should strike fear into the hearts of the anti-Trumpists is that despite 24/7 wildly over-the-top anti-Trump coverage by the media and the elites in academia and Big Tech, despite impeachment, Trump’s approval numbers are frequently higher than Obama’s or Bush’s.
    This shows that the people who traditionally considered themselves the “thought leaders” of American culture have gotten out of touch. They have learned nothing since the 2016 Brexit vote and the 2016 US presidential election, and they were wildly wrong about not only the results of those votes, but about the fallout from the adverse (from their POV) results.
    They believe that populism is the enemy of democracy. If democracy has an enemy, it ain’t the people who believe the voice of the common people should be heard.
    The railroad bed has deteriorated, the rails have become twisted, and yet they believe that their best strategy is to increase steam.

  3. Fox and Friends has sent their reporters into the cities where Trump has been holding his rallys, for at least the last year. They have sought out Democrats that say they will now vote for Trump in 2020, because a. they have directly benefited from his policies and b. they are sick of the false impeachment charges. A couple of weeks ago, Pete Hegseth and Brian Brenberg were in a restaurant in Wyoming, MN, which is close to Forest Lake, where they both grew up. Same result. Several of their teachers and coaches were in attendance. Many of them said the same thing. Further, surveys are being taken during the ticket distribution for the rallys. From those surveys, it has been determined that as many as 50% of the people that requested tickets and overflow crowds outside the venue, were Democrats that were upset over the direction that their party is going. My take is that there will be far more Democrats voting for Trump than the other way around. I mean, when every Democrat candidate tells you that they are going to kill the coal industry ala Hillary Clinton in 2015 and your job is in coal, are you going to vote for them? I’m sure that the other 80,000 or so people employed in that industry and their family members feel the same way.

  4. I don’t know if it’s true or not, boss, but:
    I asked some Trump supporters standing outside at Wildwood why they didn’t just head home where it would be warm

    They said, they weren’t there just to get inside, they were there to send a message

  5. I reluctantly voted for Trump in 2016 because I felt that Hilliary was not just a bad candidate, but a worse person by far than Trump. I can only imagine what Russian and Chinese diplomats might have showed Hilliary from their dossier from her illegal server if she’d become President. I don’t like the accusations of sexual harassment and such against Trump, but I like Hilliary’s participation on her husband’s “bimbo eruptions” team even less.

    And now I’ve seen the depths to which Democrats will go for politics’ sake. What they did to Clarence Thomas was repulsive, but it was child’s play compared to what they tried to do to Kavanaugh, and what they’re trying to do to Trump. They are the Robespierre party right now.

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