This Is Our Governing Class

There are only two real explantions for the DFL’s messaging on most issues – especially, but hardly limited to, 2nd Amendment issues:


  • They are not especially bright
  • They are counting on their audience not being especially bright.

Submitted for your review – a tweet, from yesterday, from Senator Matt Little, one of the suburban legislators that swept into office in the ’18 mid-terms:

So there’s the conundrum: do we assume that Matt Little actually believes that the polling station works the same as a black-market gun deal?

If he did, it’d explain a lot about the DFL’s depravity on election integrity, now that I think about it.

But no, seriously – does he believe that?

Or is his audience a class of people who just don’t think that hard?

11 thoughts on “This Is Our Governing Class

  1. It is not an either/or, they simply are not that bright.

    Being “bright” is not a product of intelligence, it is a light that shines from within as a result of having one’s thoughts and opinions tested by the world.

  2. He does believe it.

    In fact, billionaire hypocrite Mikey Bloomberg, believes the same thing. He has stated that if people have to register to vote, which is a constitutional right for legal citizens, they should have to register to buy/own/sell a gun. The part that he misses, is that the 2nd Amendments states that a citizen’s right to bear arms, shall not be infringed. He should actually read the constitution before he attempts to quote it.

  3. Off topic, but relevant to Bloomberg. One of his ads triggered me yesterday. A claim that increasing morbidity and mortality of pregnancy in the US is somehow tied to health insurance. One of the larger lies I’ve seen on the campaign trail. MMM has in fact been increasing since 1997, when the US didn’t have ObamaCare. Here’s a reference to the CDC, which takes the problem seriously:

  4. It strikes me that what he’s implicitly arguing is that ordinary, law-abiding gun owners are as a rule willing to sell guns to gangbangers, or that firearms dealers approved by the BATFE are willing to do so.

    Regarding the latter, rather preposterous, and regarding the former, I think I’ll need to have that proven to me.



    Minn. Stat. § 624.7132, subd. 12(1): All sales of handguns and semiautomatic, assault-style rifles must be recorded with the local police department, which will conduct a background check (seller is criminally liable if the firearm is used within one year of the transfer in the commission of a violent felony, if that person was prohibited from owning such a weapon).

    No transaction record or background check required for private sales of non-assault-style rifles or shotguns.

    Minn. Stat. § 624.7141: Seller may not intentionally transfer a handgun or semiautomatic, assault-style rifle to someone who is ineligible to do so under state law; has been found to be ineligible by a sheriff or chief of police; or has been denied a permit to carry a weapon.

  6. FYI, here are the far-stricter laws on private gun sales in Hawaii:
    Hawaii Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-2, 3: Must acquire a permit to legally obtain any firearm in Hawaii, subject to clearance from the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-2, 3: Both private sellers and licensed dealers may only sell to buyers who have a permit to acquire ownership of a firearm (no exceptions, includes inheritances). Chief of police in buyer’s county of residence may issue permits pursuant to fingerprinting and registration. All sales subject to a 14-day waiting period.

  7. The flaw in the argument is lack of parallelism.

    If I don’t want to show ID to buy a gun from a dealer, I can still buy one from a private party or criminal or steal one myself.

    If I don’t want to show ID to vote, I’m out of luck. There’s no alternative.

    Flawed analysis leads to flawed solution.

  8. JD, with your legal background, do you know what the ID requirements are if I find a few boxes of filled out ballots in the trunk of my car? It’s my understanding that boxes of ballots can sometimes be misplaced especially on the Range or the Twin Cities. Do I need to show ID to turn these in so that “all the votes can be counted”?

  9. Senator Matt Little, one of the suburban legislators that swept into office in the ’18 mid-terms

    He was one of the two DFL flips (Dave Hann’s seat being the other) in the 2016 Senate elections. Major buzzkills on what was otherwise an incredible evening.

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