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THEM: “You are a Christian. You believe in an invisible man that controls everyone and everything. A flying spaghetti monster. I, on the other hand, am a creature of pure reason! I believe in an evidence-based life!”

ME: “I *am* a Christian.”

“And you believe that a fetus isn’t human until it is born, that there are hundreds of genders, that the remedy to climate change is to hand the keys of the world’s economy over to the same people that can’t manage the Drivers License office, that men can menstruate, that the “elite” media doesn’t serve an institutional narrative, that there’s an impending wave of “right wing domestic terror” coming any day now but “Anti”-Fa is just a bunch of idealistic kids.

“You believe that Western civilization for all its faults has no more merit than Iranian or Chinese or Nigerian civilization, that Bjørn Lomborg and John Lott are hacks but Greta Thunberg and David Hogg are voices of reason, that gun control saves lives and that the law-abiding gun owner is a massacre waiting to happen, hat socialism in large, complex, heterogenous societies isn’t a vortex that leads to poverty and massive wealth inequity and death, that open borders lead to freedom, prosperity and justice, that American democracy is defined by and inextricable from slavery.

“You think that our election system is simultaneously run by the Russians but not at all no way no how chock full of domestic election fraud, that all Christians are young-earth Creationists and that faith is the opposite of reason – which would mean that Ben Carson knows less about science than some pinhead reporter at CNN.

“Tell me again about that evidence-based life?”

6 thoughts on “Pretty Much Any/Every Day On Twitter

  1. “Bjørn Lomborg and John Lott are hacks but Greta Thunberg and David Hogg are voices of reason.” That is a comparison for the ages. Nice work on the entire article, Mitch!

  2. I saw this exact thing on my FB feed yesterday afternoon. Are you now previewing your posts there Mitch? Not a bad idea.

  3. I quit Facebook almost three years ago, when the Trump-hate infestation got to be too much to handle. I don’t listen to MPR, watch network news or subscribe to newspapers. I dropped the National Review and I’m about to give up Drudge. I was never on Twitter.

    I get the news I need from the weather report, Instapundit and SITD. I’ve gotta admit, my life is SO much nicer, now.

  4. JD, Breitbart has become my new Drudge. I also go on to because they post good articles. I have been in FB so long its ingraned into me plus there are plenty of groups where right wingers can still convene but I get while a adult would quit, I frankly was against you all joining when it was being debated to open it up to non .edu email addresses (Yes for the first 4-6 years you couldnt make a Faceboook account without a .edu aka college email address).

  5. I have a facebook account under my real name.
    I use it to keep in touch with friends, post pictures and joke memes.
    There is nothing on it that is remotely political.

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