Fake Reporting

The success of the Babylon Bee has apparently caused the mainstream media to try to horn in on the “Real-sounding fake news” thing, without quite getting what “satire” is.

CNN “reporter” Joe Lockhart on Twitter yesterday (via Hugh Hewitt, who’s noted the “Retweets” the “Reporter” got.

Moments later:

You just know that TV stations, local NPR affiliates and newspapers around the country are going to run the former and ignore the latter.

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  1. “Ok maybe I made up the convo…”

    Maybe? He can’t even definitively report on his own thoughts.

  2. The “tell” for how the first one is false is “only watch Fox News.” Uh-huh, he could know that exactly….how? Looks like he learned a bit from his former boss Bill Clinton in the “prevarication” department. Never mind the fact that yes, Fox News has covered Schiff’s “bull-Schiff”, though not perhaps as lovingly as CNN.

  3. On the topic of the news media, fake news and all that, there was an interesting article/post from Stephen Kruiser this morning. I have highlighted the part relevant to this post.

    Despite being hugely successful, the annual March for Life is poorly covered in the media because the heathen MSM can’t bring themselves to responsibly report on anything that runs counter to their preferred leftist narrative.

    With the president being there in person, it will be impossible for media to underplay or ignore. His presence will more than likely draw even more people to the event.

    So, we’ll see how it gets covered.

  4. Mind-reading. That’s how you get “hate crimes”.

    It’s simply amazing how many psychics there are on the Left!

  5. Man, I could’a sworn that in the first go-round that my two comments were one after the other… and then Ian’s shows up later in between them. Ian’s comments always show up late as if virtually every single one is nabbed by Aki5met.

    Ian, what did you do to pi55 off Aki5met to that degree?

  6. The impeachment case hangs solely on Trump’s intent. You can’t prove intent. Human beings are well known for not knowing (or reporting) their true intent. Intent is a mental state, it’s not like a fingerprint.
    Trump doesn’t like foreign aid, and he had to have known that all parties in Ukraine are politically corrupt and would steer US aid to friends & family members. Does Hunter Biden get a pass because of who his dad is?
    There are an awful lot of the friends of politicians and bureaucrats on the payroll of foreign governments, NGO’s, and domestic non-profits. It would be great if the media would investigate that, wouldn’t it?

  7. ^^ “But Hunter got busted for drugs and fathered an illegitimate child. Therefore, Trump’s innocent” ~ GOP

  8. Emery is missing the point — again.
    Try this:
    “Trump had legitimate reasons for wanting the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Burisma.”
    Or this:
    “Democrats believe if you are running for president your relatives cannot be investigated for corruption.”
    Lately Emery has been fleeing the field when his cut-n-paste arguments get the slightest push back.

  9. It’s a symptom of repeating political arguments from the highly partisan Leftist media. They never mention any counter arguments, so you do not know that they exist.

  10. Any day now. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is going to release his treasure trove of documents showing how corrupt Joe and Hunter Biden are.

    Any day now.

    Any day now.

    Any day now..

  11. It’s obvious, isn’t it? I haven’t heard of anyone — not even Dem partisans — make the claim that Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Burisma was proper & not done to gain influence with Joe Biden (Obama’s point-man on Ukraine).

  12. Emery, would you really be under the impression that a corrupt politician working with a corrupt Chicago politician would leave a paper trail? Come on, this stuff was all wink, wink, nudge, nudge. It may or may not be provable in court, but nobody with measurable brain waves thinks Hunter Biden got his big paydays because of skill.

  13. One thing I’ve noticed is that Republicans have been good at creating their own fictional version of history. The Senate is laying the ground vote for a balanced verdict: “Guilty, but Republican.”

  14. “Guilty, but Republican.”
    Guilty of what, Emery? The articles of impeachment mention no actual crime.
    Wasn’t Joe Biden guilty of abuse of power when he got his ne’er-do-well son a high paying, no show job?

  15. Dems: Joe Biden was in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration. When his son was given a high paying no-show job at a Ukrainian state enterprise, that was not abuse of power.
    But Trump asking the Ukrainians to investigate the corruption that led to Biden’s son being given a high paying no-show at a Ukrainian state enterprise?
    That’s abuse of power.

  16. Trump defense: Some members of the Trump White House staff saw nothing wrong with the July 25 phone call.

  17. This must mean those witnesses are not exculpatory after all, eh?

    When Trump’s defense team said there was no evidence of anyone who directly heard Trump call for holding up military assistance to Ukraine they must have forgotten about Mick Mulvaney—who told the entire country. Did they really forget this?

  18. The new Trump defense: “demanding a bribe of campaign propaganda and using allocated funds as extortion is not a reason to remove a person from office”

    Trump’s defense team have stated that no one who testified so far has stated they directly heard Trump link the withholding of Ukrainian aid to his desire for an announcement of a political inquiry by Ukraine.

    Well, now there’s someone willing to testify to it. It’s rather odd that we can read Bolton’s testimony in the press but it won’t be included in the trial. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/us/politics/trump-bolton-book-ukraine.html

    So why would republicans block this testimony — unless they’re not really seeking the truth and don’t want the American people to learn what really happened.

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