Gleiwitz, Virginia

On August 31 1939, a team of SS propaganda operators dressed as Polish soldiers “captured” a German radio station near the town of Gleiwitz (today the Polish town of Gliwice), close by the Polish border. They did a quick broadcast in Polish, and then fled – dumping the body of a local, loaded with sabotage paraphernalia, as well as those of a group of Dachau inmates that’d been dressed in Polish army uniforms and then shot to make it look like the Germans had repelled a Polish assault. It was one of many false-flag “attacks” along the German/Polish border that morning used by the Nazi regime as a potemkin casus belli for the invasion that started pretty much before the bodies were cold.

I couldn’t help think about that when I heard that Virginia Governor Blackface McMinstrel was banning legal civilian carry at the Virginia State Capitol during this weekend’s gun right lobbying rally, because of “threats of violence” on the part of (naturally) law-abiding gun owners.

I figured this was more or less like Ilhan Omar’s “death threats” last summer at the State Fair – a few of the usual loonies who make threats from the comfort of their mom’s basement, a steady drizzle of which accompanies most public life, but whose timing, in some cases, is just perfect for diverting attention from an inconvenient reality. In Omar’s case, I have little doubt there was a threat, somewhere, from someone. Credible? No – but enough to throw out there to divert the media’s attention from the gathering storm of allegations against her.

And in the case of Governor McMinstrel, something to cast him, his Democrat legislative majority, and the thin little film of Bloomberg-funded victim disarmament activists standing between him and defeat in the next elections, as the victims – after spending their first term trashing the rights of law-abiding Virginians.

Notwithstanding the fact that law-abiding gun owners, as an absolute rule, are better behaved, singly and collectively, than the general public.

Well, there has been arrest of some people ostensibly headed to Virginia for something. Maybe. That’s what we’re told, anyway. Which, given the electoral fury that McBlackface’s coup on liberty has stirred up (and he may not have seen anything yet), and which may have not yet crested, may may have made the three saps that got arrested the most perfectly-timed patsies since the “North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats” in Tonkin Gulf.

9 thoughts on “Gleiwitz, Virginia

  1. Nice parallel. I have become less and less credulous of these so-called death threats against leftists. I think this is yet another of those things that leftists do all the time and just assume that the right does too.

    By the way, related. Very stirring.

  2. If this follows the model of the ’70s era KKK infiltration by the FBI, this particular “white supremacist” cell had 5 members; 1 was an FBI informant, 1 was an undercover FBI agent, the other 3 weak minded fools who were arrested might actually comprise 6% of the organized “white supremacists” in Virginia. The question is; was it the informant or the agent who instigated the rest of the cell to action.

  3. What interested me about the article is how the reporter kept re-emphasizing that the Canadian dude was here illegally. The others can be charged with harboring an alien. I would think that as illegal alien, he wouldn’t have been charged. Oh wait – white male. All is clear now

  4. The fascist group “Antifa” will be at the protests, to support the political state’s seizure of weapons from workers.

  5. Newsflash to most people out there, I recently spent 2+ weeks in VA and no one mentioned this even in passing, even when politics were brought up. I think people just dont care sadly.

  6. Antifa thugs will start a fight, lamestream mediots will blame law abiding citizens, things are not going to turn out well.

    Governor Mammy McBlacface, you are not going to be happy in the near future. But you own it.

  7. Ain’t this guy the tops? Engages in outrageous racist behavior as an upper-class-twit frat boy, gets elected gov by the DC bureaucrats who reside in northern Virginia, instantly endorses infanticide & then tries to seize the guns of the law-abiding.
    BTW, I have never appeared in blackface, nor have I ever worn a KKK hood, so I guess that means I am not a Democrat.

  8. Wife and I are in Richmond. Attended the CDLVA pre-rally dinner and somehow ended up at a table with the CDLVA Pres and board. Plenty of news cameras. Guy comes up and asks if I mind if he took my picture, I ask “who are you with?”

    “The New Yorker”

    “Um, no, don’t take my picture.”

    Several GOP Reps showed up. Lot of excitement. Big doings tomorrow.

    Pity pictures can’t be posted.

  9. The police created a fenced-in area around the VA capitol building, and allowed in only those who were disarmed.
    They called the fenced in area “the freedom zone.”
    If the people of Virginia don’t throw their shithead governor out of office, they don’t deserve the freedom they have inherited.

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