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  1. Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America.

    My goodness. I don’t make a regular habit of reading Schlichter, but after reading that serious can of asswhoop, maybe I need to start.

  2. Bill C – I just finished his latest book, Collapse. It was a quick, solid read. He’s had to get pretty adamant that his books are not a how to guide, but a warning. Also, plenty of chuckles on what things have been re-named to (bridges, buildings, etc) and how life in the blue states got totalitarian really fast.

  3. From Doyle McManus’ latest column:
    President Trump set a new red line: Iranian-sponsored acts that harm U.S. citizens will draw retaliation.
    Acts of what, McManus? Why is McManus so afraid to use the English language properly? I’ll finish it for him: “acts of terrorism.”

    Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called Trump “unstable,” “a bully” and an unreliable negotiator. “Who would negotiate with a country that has ignored all other agreements?” he asked last year.
    McManus has no sense of irony at all. The column is a masterpiece of Democrat propaganda: where American and Iranian polices are not morally equivalent, the Iranian policies are the more stable, mature and realistic.
    All a complete lie. Iran is led by corrupt religiocrats who are exporting terrorism around the world in pursuit of illegitimate goals.

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