7 thoughts on “No Action

  1. Northam isn’t going to follow through. He’s not stupid. He knows bloodshed is 100% guaranteed if he goes grabbing for weapons.

    Even if that wasn’t true, the optics would shitcan the degenerate Democrat party everywhere but CA.

    As it is, I expect the Old Dominion will go red again next year. There are still enough Americans there to take it back from the leftists in Fairfax Co. if everyone votes.

  2. Swiftee;

    There apparently is already a major effort going in VA to recall Northam. IMO, it should be an indictments for both treason (violating the constitution) and crimes against humanity (abortions!).

  3. He’s allocating $250,000 to incarcerate thousands of gun owners who won’t take kindly to their weapons being stolen? I dare suggest that this is another case of “Democrats cannot do math” as well as “Democrats don’t understand the Constitution”.

  4. To put it bluntly, a quarter million is a fraction of the cost of the first lawsuit that the NRA will file to overturn his idiot proposals.

  5. In places close to DC, the American gun owner is seen as a proxy for the drooling doofusses that put Trump in the White House.
    You are seeing here a preview of what the Dems will do if they gain the presidency & the senate later this year. They are a political party that believes if they get 50% + of the vote, they can stomp all over the 50% – 1. They cannot govern all of America, they can only rule the 50% – 1.

  6. Does Governor Blackface understand that if the shooting starts he
    and all the other Bloomberg elected carpetbaggers become targets?

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