3 thoughts on “Hate Is Everywhere

  1. It was explained to me that “a white supremacist judge was using a law written by white supremacists to further oppress people of color and LGBT populations”

  2. OK, you have election day voter registration with minimal documentation required, and periodically clearing the voter rolls of people who aren’t at their current address, or don’t bother to read and respond to their mail, is going to impose a huge difficulty for voting? Do I get that right?

    Almost always, when I read about “voter suppression” as a theory, my response is “do I really want people who are this irresponsible to cast votes?”. We don’t need to bring back poll taxes and property ownership requirements, but it does seem like there ought to some limits on who votes beyond “born or naturalized”. Maybe “have a government issued ID”, for starters? (hence “able to work a job, able to purchase housing, etc..”)

  3. The Democrats thrive on low information voters. By cutting off easy access to double voting scams we are least making their job harder.

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