Our Annual Budget Ritual

The “state budget report” tells of a $1.3 billion dollar overtaxation – called a “surplus” in pure accounting lingo, but really, it means the government grabbed a lot more in taxes than they had budgeted. Progs think that’s a good thing. Progs are also comically innumerate.

A friend of the blog writes:

When will the stories come out of how many programs are underfunded?How many new crisis’s will be reported?

Top of the Monday news cycle right before the session starts, my friend. Like clockwork.

16 thoughts on “Our Annual Budget Ritual

  1. In a fiscally sane world, governments would put aside budget surpluses for a rainy day. This makes sense.

    In a world run by Democrats, surpluses are used to increase the level of spending, thus making budget short-falls worse, which of course requires a rise in taxation.

    It works like a ratchet.

  2. And we have a “surplus” despite the Department of Human Services losing track of more than $100 million siphoned away through one scam or another.

  3. Government at all levels needs a serious does of Dave Ramsey. It should be rice & beans time in St. Paul and Washington, and if the resulting smell makes it impossible for legislatures to stay in session for long periods of time, all the better.

  4. Once they take the money they WILL do everything possible to keep it and spend it on some pet project. In their mind someone has more of a need than those who it was taken from.

  5. Every state agency, especially Education, that doesn’t get what it thinks is it’s fair chunk of that surplus, will announce that its budget has been “cut.”

  6. “schlonging” perhaps, but keep in mind, it’s for the children.

    Oof. That didn’t come out quite right 😉

  7. Every state agency, especially Education, that doesn’t get what it thinks is it’s fair chunk of that surplus, will announce that its budget has been “cut.”


  8. Democrat: “The state has a budget surplus.”

    Taxpayer: “That’s not a sign of fiscal prudence; on the contrary, it means you overcharged me for the services you delivered. Abe Lincoln walked five miles to return six pennies he had accidentally overcharged. Shouldn’t you have the same integrity?”

    Democrat: “Lincoln was a Republican. We’re Democrats. When you win, you keep your money. When we win, we take your money.”

  9. Not only that, JD, but the funds were taken in to cover the expenses laid out in the budget. A budget created, written and passed by the legislature to address the needs of the state. The needs were met and too much money was taken in – so now more is needed? Heads I win, tails you lose.

  10. Oof. That didn’t come out quite right

    Considering the time spent on the Lolita Express by prominent Democrats and their financiers – it was more than accurate. 🙂

  11. That’s true Greg. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the move to the left isn’t somehow connected with pederasty in the Catholic Church.

  12. IF they were to return any surplus they would do so to include those who didn’t participate in the overpayment.

  13. I heard on the Podcast That Was Formerly A Radio Show, that in MN government, any manager’s “performance ratings” are only measured by how large your organization is and how large your budget is. So growing more and spending more is the most important thing for any manager up to and including current interim Commissioner Harpstead. Between that and the budget process of “spend it or you’ll lose it next year”, there is no hope for reform from within.

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