Soft Targets

We’ve had the second active shooter episode in a couple of days on a Navy base – first Pearl Harbor, now Pensacola.

Which has prompted some of the usual suspects to mouth the usual jibberish:

For sake of argument? Perhaps.

What it does do is show that banning guns is no defense against violence. Navy, like all military bases, and indeed all federal offices and installations, are “gun-free zones”.

Like Fort Hood. And the Little Rock recruiting station. And the Chattanooga one…

…well, hang on a minute. There, an officer, Lieutenant Commander Tim White, had a sidearm – against the rules – and returned fire at the murderer this likely played a key part in the fact that the death toll at White’s Naval Reserve center was limited to one sailor (the murdered had killed four Marines at a “gun free” recruiting center shortly before). The Navy pondered charges before demurring under an avalanche of public condemnation (although I can find no word about how the Navy treated LtCdr White afterward; I’m going to guess his career ended not long after, although I’d be happy to find out otherwise).

Anyway – this is the logic and concern for fact a Harvard degree gets you these days

55 thoughts on “Soft Targets

  1. Reading Emery, you would think that standing against terror originating in Iran is not quite compatible with standing against terror originating in Saudi Arabia. Um, does it need to be an either/or, really? And somehow when dealing with the Saudis, we are to ignore the fact that they’re the big drivers behind OPEC? Seriously?

    OK, we’re going to start your remedial education; diplomacy is the art of saying “nice doggie” while you look around for a stick. We are in the nice doggie phase, and phase 1 of the stick is called “hydraulic fracking”.

  2. I think that there are, or have been, at least two people using the Emery account.

  3. If we are going to talk about fantasy foreign policies, here is mine.
    US eliminates all overseas bases and military commitments outside the Western Hemisphere (you are on your own, Korea and Japan and Australia). Immigration clamped at 100,000 per year, strictly financial & skills based. No chain immigration. US maintains freedom of the seas for only the Atlantic and the Western Pacific.

  4. I think that there are, or have been, at least two people using the Emery account

    He/they/it should get a few more commenters to try to make it a fair 1-on-1 fight, then.

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