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  1. There are only three explanations for everything that happens in the world: racism, sexism and Russia. Therefore, it is obvious that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is racist, sexist and beholden to Putin.

    What else could explain Kamala’s failure.

  2. Not to steal your thunder Greg but I saw Tucker Carlson too last night 🙂

    He also had a black lefty on his show whose BS I couldn’t stand, so I didn’t watch, so I don’t know if Tucker hit him hard with the fact that it’s the Dem primary weeding out people of color. I did hear him say one thing tho (the lefty that is): that black people aren’t voting for black candidates because they are worried about what white people will think.

  3. Well to be fair Yang and Gabbard are close to qualifying. Not that it matters. Both will probably be gone before the Iowa caucuses, or New Hampshire at the latest.

  4. My brother, who is quite liberal, had this to say about Harris’ pretended emphathy for the downtrodden: “She is a Brahmin. So to claim she’s suffered discrimination because of who she is…..”

  5. Kamala Harris reluctantly agrees to concede an outcome she believes is unfair and unjust because economics, bias, and the overwhelming might of opponents forecloses any other avenue.

    Sounds familiar.

  6. Harris dropped out because she was broke. She qualified for the Dec. 19 debate in LA.
    The rules for qualifying for the debate are very small-d democratic. You need 200k individual donors & need to break a fairly low percentage in popularity polls.
    Yang and/or Gabbard (my representative, btw) may yet qualify. The people who are already qualified are Biden, Warren, Buttagieg, Stoyer, Klobuchar, and Sanders.
    If the election were held today, Trump would win, handily, against any of them.

  7. Yes D_K, it sounds exactly like what Hillary “Im owed the presidency bercause… womyn!” Clinton has been saying for the last 3 years. And apparently shes so delusional that she thinks she can still get into the Democratic race to the bottom.

  8. POD;

    I don’t want to answer for MP, but, having been to Hawaii a couple of times over the past few years, I would say that in that state, a pineapple with a “D” after it, would be popular. Hell, they elected dingbat man hater Maisie Hirono for Christ’s sake,

  9. Mazie Hirono was my rep before Tulsi replaced her.
    Hawaii politics are machine politics. Tulsi is more popular with the people than she is with the machine. She was a line-jumper, Honolulu mayor Muffi Hanneman was supposed to take Hirono’s seat when Hirono ran for the senate in 2012. The Hawaii machine strongly backed Clinton in 2016. Tulsi vocally backed Sanders.Tulsi will not run for re-election in 2020.

  10. Wow I had no idea Hawaii is essentially a tropical Chicago when it comes to politics. It makes me think twice about eventually wanting to move out there someday.

  11. Mazie, Muffi, Tulsi… sounds more like a bubblegum pop band that a serious and corrupt local government.

  12. Not to steal your thunder Greg but I saw Tucker Carlson too last night

    I probably should have attributed that to Carlson. It’s where I got it. My bad.

    I did hear him say one thing tho (the lefty that is): that black people aren’t voting for black candidates because they are worried about what white people will think.

    It’s why I get these calls from black folks I don’t even know, asking me what I think about the candidates. I tell them that I will be VERY disappointed in them if they don’t support Trump. I think it is having an effect.

  13. Greg, it seems to be, Rasmussen and another polling service that is supposedly more centrist says Trumps support among African American voters is around 33%. Which, if true, could mean a 42-47 state victory for Trump come 2020.

  14. Black people aren’t voting for black candidates because they’re afraid of what white people will think of them. Just like, as Hillary said, women didn’t vote for her because they were afraid of what their husbands would say.

  15. There was obvious strategy involved in Harris dropping out.

    That being said, I have been reading a lot of people blaming the non-diverse population of Iowa for her lack of support. They claim we could have more diverse candidates if Iowa wasn’t focused on so much.

    Personally, I don’t think those Democrats care at all about diversity or Harris. I honestly think that they are still resentful of Obama’s getting the nomination over Queen Hillary in 2008. Obama won Iowa, despite the fact that he wasn’t supposed to. If bigger stares like California, New York would have gone first, Obama likely would have dropped out. Clinton won big on Super Tuesday and hung in the race til the bitter end.

    We all know they like to blame race for issues within their own party. Meanwhile, I have noticed the same things as Greg and the cited Rasmussen poll- POC are supporting Trump. They may not be talking about it a lot, but they are.

  16. Personally, I don’t think those Democrats care at all about diversity

    What?!?! That’s crazee!

    Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

  17. MJB,

    You forget one important fact. That Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate in modern American politics and its not even close. She must have basically been given her Senate seat back in 2000 because I have no earthly idea how she won that Senate election. She damn near lost the nomination to Bernie and probably would have if she didnt basically own the DNC. Clearly all the skill and tact Slick Willy had didnt rub off on her at all. Good sidenote; watch Primary Colors sometime, its a movie based on a book about the 1992 Democratic primary and Emma Thompson plays a perfect Hillary while John Travolta is freaking Bill Clinton.

  18. POD;

    If you recall, the New York seat that Hillary occupied, would most likely have gone to JFK Jr. had he not died in that plane crash.

  19. Bosshoss – are you even hinting that this is another unusual death we should attribute to the Clintons?


  20. MtkaMoose;

    Not in the least am I intimating that JFK Jr, his wife and sister in law committed “Clintoncide”. 🤣🤣

    It was, of course, (cough! cough!) “pilot error”.

  21. BossHoss, I saw a picture of a roadkill deer with a sign planted next to it saying “Had information on the Clintons”.

    Wish we could post pictures…It was hilarious.

  22. I wish we could post pictures too, I have so many memes saved to my phone that would be appropriate for these discussions. And we have to laugh at this stuff because if you laugh you are going to cry, laughing is much better and healthier.

  23. She departed for the same reason Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and a host of others departed the GOP race in 2015, she ran out of money.

    As for President Pinnochio’s Pochahantas fear, and your incorrect claims about racial homogeneity, let’s count the ways..
    Minority Ethnicity Candidates still in the race
    Andrew Yang
    Julian Castro
    Corey Booker
    Duval Patrick

    Female Candidates
    Amy Klobuchar
    Elizabeth Warren
    Tulsey Gabbard

    Candidates with alternate sexual orientation
    Pete Buttigieg

    Now, let’s contrast that with the people in the race from the GOP at the same point in 2015..(roughly), Total mainstream candidates (according to poling): 9
    Minority Candidates
    Marco Rubio
    Ted Cruz
    Ben Carson
    Female Candidates
    Carly Fiorina

    By March 2016: Candidates:3
    Minority Candidates: 1 (Ted Cruz)
    Female Candidates: 0

    Yeah, Mitch, the Dems are homogeneous… well no, no they’re not, not even close.. but go on with your bad-self. Fiorina was never a serious candidate, while Clinton was in 2016 (clearly) as she was in 2008. Obama was, just a news flash for you, a person of color, and hmmm.. won the nomination and the Presidency as a Democrat, not a member of the Party of Trump… I mean Lincoln.. yeah, Lincoln, though apparently 53% of the GOP thinks Trump is a better Prez than the man who held the Union together and ended slavery.

    I don’t mean to be too sarcastic but this post isn’t a serious one. That Yang and Booker haven’t yet qualified for the debate doesn’t obviate the fact that Warren has, isn’t a fly-by-night candidate that Fiorina was, and that the Dems have both nominated a woman for President and nominated and elected a minority, while the GOP, the Party YOU predicted would be the first to elect a woman President.. from them…crickets..

  24. Yo, Pen, the simple fact is that there will be, absent a surge from Yang or Gabbard, precisely zero non-white candidates on the stage a year before the election. Only two are below 60, and one of those is 59.

    Yeah, we are talking some serious homogeneity here. The Democratic debaters would make a nice checkers convention along with the barber Floyd from Andy Griffith, but we are talking some serious pallor and superannuation.

    Nice try changing the subject, though.

  25. I’ve seen a lot of the screaming woman/car memes, POD, but that one is epic!!

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