We Need A Word

We need to have a word to convey the most commonly-used idea in conservative media criticism. The idea, to wit, is:

Can you imagine what the media would do if a Republican had done something this stupid?

It is, of course, one of the most evergreen concepts in media criticism – the notion that if it weren’t for double-standards, the media would have no standards at all when covering Democrats.

South Bend mayor and current media flavor of the month Pete “No, I’m Not Beto O’Rourke” Buttigieg’s campaign used stock photos of Kenyans in publicizing their policies for black Americans:

[A reporter for The Intercept] tweeted that the public relations firm tasked with creating Buttigieg’s campaign material had simply taken a stock photo without checking the origin of the subject. “On top of everything else, the Buttigieg campaign used a stock photo from Kenya to promote its Frederick Douglass Plan for Black America,” Grim wrote on Twitter, adding, “The woman in the photo reached out to me very confused.” 

Using non-American black people in photos (“hey, they all look the same!”) the same week as he used names of black endorsers who’d not endorsed him?

And yet the story is getting no coverage outside the conservative media.

And saying “Can you imagine if a Republican did this?” is time-consuming.

We need a word, or at least a snappy phrase.


18 thoughts on “We Need A Word

  1. Stock photo Americans. (Who aren’t actually American.) Using Kenyans might be a secret nod to the Lightbringer, I suppose.

  2. Well, mastering the obvious;
    we call it The Buttigieg as in
    “look the media’s doing The Buttigieg again”
    “its a full court Buttigieg
    “we’ll just have to Buttigieg the story”
    “the facts are lost in The Buttigieg works”
    “it was a masterful Buttigieg job”
    “call it The Buttigieg fog”

    you see, with practice it just rolls off the tongue.

  3. I nominate Doppelmoral – double standard in German. Some phrases are better in German.

  4. Even if you don’t know the back story of the picture, you can tell that it’s most likely not in the U.S. because the woman is flexible enough in her hips, knees, and ankles to squat down that way. That’s a “developing country tell”. In the U.S., you see flexibility like that among immigrants, gymnasts, and some dancers, and that’s about it.

    One would figure one might get some good pictures at, say, campaign events, but maybe the actual voters aren’t photogenic enough. Whatever.

  5. Hey, Mitch, you didn’t include that it’s a blue-on-blue reveal. I mean, I assume that someone whose bio says contributor to Young Turks is a lefty – is that incorrect? Anyway, the rest of his twitter feed shows no luv for Buttegig, er, Buttigag, er, whatever.

  6. Flash-in-the-pan-syndrome. His campaign will be crashing and burning after tonights debate. Not that Im going to watch.

  7. POD, I believe Buttgag never intended to win, his plan is to get the first M4M tonsil hockey broadcast on national TV.

  8. EI;

    Ha! He can’t even manage his city, but wants to be POTUS?! South Bend is in chaos under his administration.

  9. This reminds me of when Herman Cain all of a sudden raced to the top of the polls during the 2012 campaign with his 9-9-9 plan. The only difference is he was more qualified than kid mayor who enjoys playing hide the cucumber with his bf.

  10. BH429: Kind of hilarious that at this point the great hope of the major Democratic donors is the mayor of the forth largest city in Indiana.

  11. BH429: Kind of hilarious that at this point the great hope of the major Democratic donors is the mayor of the forth largest city in Indiana.

    Only because he’s clean and well-spoken.

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