Campaign Contribution

Trump goes to hostile areas – Minneapolis, the Nationals’ stadium.

“Progressives” – spoiled, entitled public unioneers, academics, PR flaks disguised as journalists, “students” and non-profiteers, eternal beneficiaries of a prosperity they had nothing to do with creating – act like spoiled toddlers, continuing the tantrum that started three years ago and looks unlikely to stop until 2025 at least.

In Minneapolis, hundreds of testosterone-raging post-adolescent rage-o-holics and their soy-boi significant others/servants beclowned themselves and ganged up on the occasional lone, elderly or diminuitive rally-goer, presumably feeling the earth move in the process.

And in DC?

And I have to think that Trump has got to be looking at more such appearances in “Blue” territory; these outbursts of toddler tantrum-mongering have got to be racking up the contributions, the votes, and the moderate Democrats thinking “OMFG, who are these clowns?”

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  1. And it looks like Schiff’s house resolution was loaded with poison pills. No way it will get serious consideration by the GPO in the house or senate. So Schiff isn’t serious about impeachment, he wants red meat to throw to the fringe of the Democrat base.

  2. I’m enjoying how people are keeping a straight face while telling this joke about how the President should apologize and take responsibility.

  3. You are talking about Goldberg, a guy who represents about 1% of conservative voters, and maybe 25% of conservative Journalists. The journalist #nevertrumpers tend to live and work out of DC or New York; none thought Trump had any chance at all of getting elected.
    The whistleblower’s identity is now known — a guy named Ciaramella, DC insider, hyper-partisan Biden supporter, holdover from Obama.

  4. If Bolton tells a story that is consistent with the other witnesses, even the most spineless of Republican senators will be forced to make a clear, public choice of party vs country, a choice for which they will be remembered for the rest of their lives and beyond. Spineless as they are, I would not take it for granted that they will stand behind a man they mostly despise against such overwhelming evidence.

  5. There is no “overwhelming evidence.” You are being gulled, Emery, as you have been before.
    Seriously, seek help.

  6. Will be interesting watching Trump try to discredit Deep State Democrat John Bolton.

    It’s ironic that this president, who was helped by a number of bogus conspiracy theories about HRC during the election, will be eventually taken down by his belief in these same conspiracy theories. It warms the heart.

  7. I rarely make predictions, but — Trump will not be forced out of office, and he will be the GOP candidate for president in 2020. The impeachment effort will fizzle, mostly due to its nakedly partisan nature. Look at real data, Emery. Bolton hates Democrats, he doesn’t hate Trump.

  8. “Did Trump also mention to me the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely, no question about that. That’s it, and that’s why we held up the money.” ~ Mick Mulvaney

    Since it isn’t a Soviet-like inquiry, Republicans can call him as a witness and he can answer questions.

  9. ” Republicans can call him as a witness and he can answer questions.”
    Nope. Republicans can request a subpoena. They get one if Schiff allows it. Anyhow, the GOP can talk to friendly witnesses any time they want — they can just meet for lunch. It’s the unfriendly witnesses that they need to subpoena, and these are the witnesses Schiff has been shielding from GOP questions.

    You really gotta work on using your power of reason, Emery.

  10. And, as I predicted, no Republicans voted for today’s house resolution. Two Dems, from Trump-voting districts, voted against it.

  11. Too bad the GOP didn’t have this respect for other side during the Clinton impeachment or Benghazi hearings which were done in secret.

  12. Apparently one of the consequences of an election is it places the elected person entirely above and beyond the law. I was not aware.

  13. Apparently one of the consequences of an election is it places the elected person entirely above and beyond the law.

    And for this, Ilhan Omar is boundlessly thankful.

  14. Woolly wrote: “And, as I predicted, no Republicans voted for today’s house resolution.”

    The House will impeach along partisan lines, the Senate will vote not to convict by a slight majority, primarily along partisan lines and we’ll have an election in November.

  15. Schiff has guaranteed that Trump will be in office until January 2021, at least.
    Given the nakedly partisan nature of Schiff’s process, I wouldn’t be surprised if McConnell’s senate simply dismissed the charges before hearing any testimony.

  16. Emery repeats (with full confidence) some of the least believable lines ever uttered – not sure how well that reflects on him

  17. @MBerg: Waiting for people to claim we shouldn’t have the 2020 election cause it’s relitigating the 2016 results. 😉

  18. It’s interesting to see how successful the Dems are at working the media. You read a supposedly unbiased news source, like Politico or the WaPo, and they have stories about how the latest evidence is revealing cracks in Trump’s support in congress. Then you hear an actual source — a congressman or senator — say that is absurd. Then you have a vote like we had today that shows the GOP solid, but cracks in the Dem caucus support for impeachment.

  19. The same thing happened in Watergate.

    Support for impeachment was only 18% when the hearings started.

    Once the evidence started piling up, that percentage went up, and up. Eventually the GOP couldn’t afford to defend Nixon.

  20. But no evidence against Trump is “piling up,” Emery.
    It was smart of Trump to release the transcript immediately. The Dems have already resorted to an attempt to edit the transcript after the fact with the USSR-born Vengman’s testimony.
    You are making the same mistake you made the day before the 2016 election, and during Muller’s investigation; you are mistaking your hopes for reality. You have been wrong so often on things related to Trump that I take courage from your certainty that things are looking bad for him.
    Since the whistleblower’s name became known yesterday, some interesting stuff has been uncovered about him. Not only is he a “deep state actor” from central casting, he concealed his interactions with Schiff and other Democrats from the ICIG. Ruh-roh. This may very well backfire on the Dems. I wonder what Pelosi is thinking right now. Schiff assured her that everything was nailed down tight, and now it looks like things are falling apart. Pelosi may well come to realize that the hated Republicans had a better handle on Schiff’s character than she did.
    The next few months are going to be interesting.

  21. Is it a good defense strategy to tell everyone to read your confession?

    ~ Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

    Morrison corroborates Vindeman, who corroborates the whistleblower.

    Nobody corroborates Trump’s assertion that the call was “perfect”.

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