Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

You thought the DFL was crazy-left?

It is.

But tomorrow’s DFL is demented batspittle-crazy:

A bevy of progressives are challenging longtime Democratic incumbents in the Legislature in next year’s elections, potentially sending more women, millennials and people of color to the State Capitol while shifting the DFL dialogue to the left.
The movement is a muscular show of influence among emerging voter blocs that have already transformed the DFL coalition but now seek the real prize: an election certificate that will earn them a seat at the table and the opportunity to move billions of dollars in state funding.

Farther to the left than Alice “The Phantom” Hausman?

Oh, yes.

Tanner Sunderman, a 25-year-old Roseville resident challenging longtime Rep. Alice Hausman of St. Paul in the first-ring suburbs, said now is the time. “We’re done waiting,” he said.

On election night 2018, watching the disappointing results, I urged conservatives not to go off the ledge; Democrats with power are like crack addicts with a stolen Amex card. They just can’t stop.

13 thoughts on “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

  1. “We’re done waiting.”

    Entitled brat running for office. I don’t know if I should cheer him on to increase a republican’s chance of winning or if I should hope Hausman holds the seat so a 25yo Bernie doesn’t get his start in Office.

  2. Leftist reprobates may be degenerate, they may be ignorant, they may lack any hint self respect or honor, but they are not impatient.

    They are reaping the fruits of 50 years of unchallenged control of the public school system.

  3. The problem is not that the electorate eventually corrects its mistake – the one it makes every time one of these leftist wackos gains high office. The problem is the amount of damage they do during even a short tenure. It doesn’t even have to be bad ideas passed into law. It can be the many good ideas that do not. Look at the many “accomplishments” of the Democrat -controlled U.S. House, listed as follows:

  4. When I see folks like “the squad” on the port side and Judge Moore on the right, my enthusiasm for drawing legislative districts to be relatively homogeneous (vs. half liberal/half conservative) is tempered quite a bit. There is a point where both sides need to learn “the art of the possible.”

  5. It doesnt take away the fact that the MNGOP blows little red doggie dick and is filled with establishment #NeverTrumpers. The state party sucks and needs a total rehaul, because they still think this is the Mitt Romney Republican Party, its not.

  6. comment moderated, whatever, the state party needs to realize this is Trump’s party now, not Mitt Romneys. They need to get with it.

  7. “He is pictured with Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren and his fiance Caleb.”

    Oh yeah, y’all are definitely in need of more homo action up there. I bet he’s a middle school teacher.

  8. “There is a point where both sides need to learn “the art of the possible.”

    Bubba, we’ve got people taking their young children to sit on a mentally ill sexual deviant’s lap while it reads homoerotic fairy tales to the tots.

    We’re waaay past worrying about what’s possible. We’re living in Clown World, my friend; embrace the pozz or perish.

  9. POD wrote:
    ” . . . the state party needs to realize this is Trump’s party now, not Mitt Romneys. They need to get with it.”
    I listened to podcast by a pro-impeachment conservative earlier today. It was kind of a silly conversation, but it struck how odd it was to think that a supposedly intelligent conservative could believe that impeachment would not destroy the GOP. Sixty million people voted for Trump. Do #nevertrumpers think that they will turn out for Jeb Bush or John Kasich?

  10. MP – those 60 million had the chance to consider Jeb and Kasich, and said, “no thanks”. Come 2020, I believe the response to them will be, ‘HELL, no.”

  11. The Country Club Republican types have no idea that the populist conservative movements hates them as much ( if not moreso) than the limosine leftists. There will not be a place foor them in the new party. And the greatest irony is somone who they thought was one of them is leading the charge in throwing their asses to the curb.

  12. While Jeb might make an excellent President, I could never support him for the office. This is the USA. We don’t have royalty or ruling families. Since both his father and brother have been President, I don’t think we need any more Bush’s in the oval office for at least another generation. Sucks for Jeb, but necessary to preserve the republic.

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