The Bureaucrat’s Burden

Without government, who would “inspect” the retro-pinup girls before they visit vets at the VA?

Pin Ups for Vets received an email from the San Diego Veterans Hospital on Monday banning the calendar and telling them the outfits of their volunteers must be scrutinized in advance. Additionally, the costumed volunteers will not be allowed to hand out their signature calendar.
“It’s insulting that our outfits have to be preapproved,” Gina Elise told the Washington Examiner. “It feels like it’s discriminatory behavior. Is that happening with every single visitor that comes in the hospital?”

Feeling proud, yet?

6 thoughts on “The Bureaucrat’s Burden

  1. You would think that you were at a Baptist Bible College, not the VA, from that. I can see how the bureaucrats would be concerned, though. Being more familiar with harder porn they view at work, they’ve probably never seen “Pinups for Vets” to realize it’s 1940s cheesecake. Maybe the inspections will help them realize a bit about what real beauty might be. :^)

  2. I agree with Night Writer. Drag Queens get to read stories to impressionable kids in the library, but veterans have to be protected by a censor or the performers have to be protected from “catcalling.” Do the idiots running the hospital understand what a “pinup” is?

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