What, Is This A Rhetorical Question?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Imagine the Mayor of some Southern city announces Kamala Harris is not welcome in his town but since she’s coming, he extends an open invitation for all KKK to protest her visit in the spirit of “free speech.”  
The city demands she post $1 million security bond “in case there’s trouble.”  The police chief assigns dozens of cops to line the route Harris’ supporters must walk, wearing riot helmets, slapping nightsticks into their palms, holding the leashes of snarling police dogs, “to maintain public order.”  
The Health Department temporarily closes all food vendors within several blocks and disables all restrooms in the rally building, for fear of a “potential cholera outbreak.”
Every one of these actions has some non-discriminatory reason.  Would Harris have a valid complaint for voter intimidation?  Would those actions be a violation of voters’ civil rights? 
Joe Doakes

C-130s full of ACLU and Justice Department lawyers would be winging their way southward before the last porta-potty got chained up.

2 thoughts on “What, Is This A Rhetorical Question?

  1. Why would anyone believe that the same rules apply equally to the left and right? When the left does something, it’s woke. When the right does the same thing, it’s racist.

    When will the right realize this is so?

    More importantly, when will they realize why it is so?

    The right somehow thinks that everyone will see the hypocrisy if they can only point this out. The thing is, everyone sees the hypocrisy but they don’t care.

    The right somehow thinks that if they can only make people care, the hypocrisy will go away.

    But what do people care about?

    Do they care about the Republic. Nope.

    Do they care about the constitution, the rule of law or the stability of society? Nope.

    Do they care about the future? Nope.

    The only thing that they really care about is what other people think of them. They care about being unpopular, about being “the other”, about not being invited to the neighborhood or company potluck.

    It is why it is okay to spit on Mitch McConnel but not Nancy Pelosi.

    It is why Hollywood leans hard left rather than stands straight.

    It is why Trump supporters must walk the gauntlet while the #Resistance is free to smash windows and bear-spray old people and children.

    Until there is a social cost to being left, the left will do whatever it wants.

  2. I would not have anticipated Kamala Harris having trouble coming up with accusations of specific crimes. This should be when she decides to drop out of the race.

    Kamala Harris claims that Rudy Giuliani has “broken many laws”

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks her what laws he has broken

    Harris responds: “Well, I, I, I don’t know”

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