Attention, Mayor Orwell

To: Jacob Frey, Mayor, Minneapolis
From: Mitch Berg, cantankerous peasant
Re: “Love”

Mayor McDreamy,

You said “love trumps hate.”

Was this the “love” you were talking about?

Do you even regard this as a problem? Or are you and your staff high-fiving each other over this kind of thing today?

Serious question.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Attention, Mayor Orwell

  1. The Strib article about the rally I read yesterday managed to describe the problem with potential violence w/o ever mentioning that the violence was likely to come from the Stalinist Antifa rather than Trump supporters. The Strib implied that any violence would be the fault of Trump, for being Trump.
    Ridiculous, of course. If Kasich had won the 2016 nomination and gone on to defeat Hillary, Antifa would still riot at his public appearances. They hate the GOP because unlike the Democrats, Antifa can’t control the GOP.

  2. I’m sorry Americans get rat packed, but common sense should tell a guy not to go around a pack of drooling leftist reprobates alone. They’re worse than rabid rodents.

  3. Half a million for security, and no officer is anywhere near to step in? Very interesting, Mr. Mayor. Were all those officers doing a John Parker and spending time at the bar while this ensued?

    (Parker was the guy getting drunk while Lincoln was shot)

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