More Good News For Saint Paul’s Poor!

Fred Melo in the PiPress:

So – a fake “faith” non-profit is actively campaigning for a policy that’s made poverty even more miserable and costly in Saint Paul?

You mean, exactly as they’ve campaigned for policies that increase crime, destroy entry-level jobs, and turn the city into a warehouse for the poor?

Whyl, it’s almost as though ISAIAH is a fraud or something…

3 thoughts on “More Good News For Saint Paul’s Poor!

  1. The whole trash vote is messed up. We shouldn’t even be having to do this. But, now we have a stupid system set up by incompetent people who now can’t admit what a mistake all of this was. Instead, they threaten the entire city with increased taxes to continue the ridiculous contract (including businesses and larger apartment landlords who currently aren’t even part of the trash collection fiasco).

    If we don’t actually elect the “vote no” people to the council, we are probably damned if we do, damned if we don’t on the trash vote, even if the trash vote ends up being a resounding no. There is actually competition in all the wards this year and all wards have candidates that are “vote no” candidates. St Paul needs people to show up this year.

  2. I once had a chance to purchase the $15 million Wright County garbage recycling facility near Buffalo, Minnesota, for only $1.00 *

    The County Board adopted an ordinance requiring all trash in the county be delivered to their facility where it would be sorted, the good stuff recycled, the rest disposed of. Oh, and there would be a small fee for the service.

    Haulers pointed out it would be cheaper to haul garbage from local cities to transfer stations, reload it into semi-trucks, and drive it to landfills in Iowa and dead-heading back empty, that it would be to pay the “small fee.” They sued and won. The facility shuttered. That’s when the County Attorney offered me the chance to buy it – lock, stock and barrel. I passed on it. Should have bought it and flipped it to the City of St. Paul, I could have doubled my money.

    * and take over the payments.

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