The 12th Commandment

It’s an oldie but a goodie. And as we head toward another election sure to be driven by Big Left’s narratives and Trump’s responses to them, this bit here is worth committing to memory:

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Journalism is always about “asking the questions that matter” – where “matter” in this case means “furthers the narrative”.

13 thoughts on “The 12th Commandment

  1. Lindsey Graham announcing a hearing to discuss the Glenn Beck Chalk Board conspiracy theory that posits, among other things, that the DNC server and Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 acid-washed emails have been hidden somewhere in Ukraine and that Russia did not help Trump win.

    Someone who had views on this? Trump’s former Homeland Security Adviser, Tom Bossert. This is what he told ABC News on Sept. 29:

    “It’s not only a conspiracy, it is completely debunked.”

    “If he continues to focus on that white whale, it’s going to bring him down.”

    Looking forward to media coverage on this event.

  2. Mr Treacher’s comment is very good, but my preference is for the Iowahawk tweet, which still there after six years.

    Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

  3. wrong, journalism has been like that since the 60s or 70s. The only difference is now they are just nakedly obvious about it and dont try to hide their elitest contempt for flyover country or anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders or Warren. Blue dog Democrats are nearly an extinct species. Also D_K needs to go back into that hole he crawled out of and eat paste while reading The Economist/Time/Newsweek and still believeing they are fair and impartial magazines.

  4. Yea, Tom Bossert. Another Obumbler ass kisser. Further, Emery, you are one of those useful idiots that believe everything that your masters in the left wing media tell you.

  5. This is what the president’s inner-circle, conspiracy sites, and allies on Fox News actually believe:

    The DNC framed Russia for their hack, just in case Trump won, so they could impeach him.

    Barr & Giuliani have flown around the world trying to prove it.

  6. STFU D_K. You were convinced the Mueller probe would bring down Trump. Your analysis sucks so hard youd be very popular in San Francisco.

  7. Trump has given Minneapolis’ wad gobbling mayor a nickname.

    “The lightweight mayor is hurting the great police and other wonderful supporters. 72,000 ticket requests already. Dump Frey and Omar! Make America Great Again! ”

  8. It strikes me that if indeed providing security would require $530k or whatever–thousands of man-hours–then a great way of paying for that would be to assess heavy fines on those seeking to disrupt a lawful gathering. Of course, assessing fines on people who vote for Democrats–and sometimes (as with the Tim Kaine’s son) prosecuting them for felonies so they cannot vote at all–isn’t exactly the strong suit of Democrats, is it?

  9. What did it cost Minneapolis and St. Paul when Obama came to town? I mean, they not only had to roll out the red carpets, but probably had them dry-cleaned in advance as well (which they needed to do after Bill Clinton’s visit in 2014 to campaign for Dayton and Franken).

  10. I am with Mayor Frey on this. $530,000 is what it takes to be safe in downtown Minneapolis.

    His message is clear and he is right as rain.

    The town is not safe to live in, work in or visit.

    If I were planning a convention, I would take advantage of the numerous alternatives. If I were planning to start or expand a business, I’d look to Sioux Falls.

    If I were thinking of going to a restaurant, a bar or a music venue, I’d stay in the suburbs….. the distant suburbs.

  11. Greg,

    Through a professional organization that I belong to, I have first hand knowledge of at least three large conventions that Minneapolis has lost since the chaos from Trump’s last visit. Event planners did not think that their people would be safe there. With his anti Trump rhetoric and letter telling the police that they can’t support the candidates of their choice, man child Jacob Frey, just justified their decisions. Apparently, when the little twerp arrived from VA and decided to plague us by staying, no one told the hateful bastard what “Minnesota Nice” actually means.

  12. Emery will flog any story that distracts from his own complete miss in the “Russian collusion hoax.” It turns out that before he was made special counsel, Mueller was angling for the FBI director job. Shades of Mark Felt! I am getting weary of intelligence agency bureaucrats deciding who can and cannot be president. I wouldn’t be surprised if our spies felt more kinship with the KGB than with the American people — after all, it was the KGB, not Yeltsin, who deposed Gorbachev.
    Anyways, empirical evidence indicates that Emery is about as reliable as an East German passenger car.

  13. Trump is very worried about balancing the budget when it is on the backs of everyday Americans that won’t vote for him anyway.

    Trump promised he would eliminate the budget deficit within eight years. Now, three years into his presidency, the deficit is 68% higher than when he started because all he knows how to do is run up debt and leave bills unpaid.

    Trump treats debts like marriages: He just walks away from them.

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