Crystal Dodged A Bullet

Former Crystal Mayor ReNae Bowman took one of the dumbest swipes I’ve ever seen at Andy Richter, founder of “Community Solutions” and one of the driving forces behind Crystal’s libertarian/conservative insurgency – an insurgency that’s undone a lot of ex-mayor Bowman’s toxic legacy.

But never let it be said the woman doesn’t ooze class.

Emphasis on “ooze”:

Bowman’s lunacy, and borderline slander, gets worse – including a swipe at Richter’s wife that’s straight out of some trailer park reality show.

I’m going to presume Bowman is angry with Andy for two reasons: he clobbered her in a city that was supposed to be a DFL sinecure, and Andy helped lead the way doing the most unforgivable sin in the “prog” religion; peeled back “progressive” power.

Richter’s response was as classy as Bowman’s was toxically “progressive”:

The truth is Ms. Bowman you don’t scare me. You’re nothing more than a classless coward. While I go out and work hard with my blog and my podcast and on campaigns, you sit around on social media and spread 24/7 hate. it’s a pathetic existence. If you’d like to be as successful as my group I have a suggestion; why don’t you come up with a positive agenda and persuade people to support it?
I know I’ve helped defeat you and all your friends in Crystal and that has to be eating at you. I can understand that. Losing that much has to drive someone crazy. She probably dreams about defeating our group in just one election. And why not? Dreams are important. I won’t knock them.

And since Bowman still harbors political ambitions, I’m gonna post this for my friends in Crystal:

Having said all this, I will support Ms. Bowman’s right to free speech. If I try and shut her up then I’m no better than she is. Her first amendment rights will be supported by this group even it attacks me and my family. What I will not do, under any circumstances, is stop exposing her vulgar and despicable words. These are her words, published in their entirety. Voters of Crystal will know what she says and who she supports. No amount of attacking me will intimidate me into silence. One thing Bowman won’t do is shut up, so you can rest assure that her conduct will continue to be exposed here.

Your choice is clear – achievement, competence and success, or “Honey Boo Boo Moves To City Hall”.

6 thoughts on “Crystal Dodged A Bullet

  1. Twitter brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?
    Has Twitter found a way to make money, yet?

  2. Decades ago, I held the contract to serve as City Attorney for a few small towns in central Minnesota. It was fascinating to watch people who campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility and low taxes sit at the council table and consider whether to spend Other People’s Money, and how much. It’s only a few bucks. It’s a worthy cause. It’s good publicity for our community. Every month, another do-gooder group with its hand out.

    People who would not dream of writing a check from their own bank account to support a water garden, or solar farm, or historic house, became relaxed about indirectly writing a check on residents’ bank accounts. When confronted, they would say “we have the money, we can afford it.” Yes, but if you didn’t spend the money, you could refund it, or lower taxes next year. The fundamental point that ITS NOT YOUR MONEY gets lost very quickly.

    My concept of city government derives from an understanding of the historical purpose of cities: we band together for mutual defense against roving gangs of outlaws; and living in close proximity requires clean water, sanitary sewer, fire fighters, passable streets to bring in food, and a few strong men to maintain public order. Everything after that, should be done by voluntary associations or charities.

    But then – I’m old school.

  3. Boss, take a drive in the country and check out all the giant stone/concrete “welcome to our city” signs and aquatic centers. To draw a picture, when my brother visited this summer, he noted that Kasson’s aquatic center is nicer than that of Mountain View, CA, where he lives. I’ve visited him, too; he’s right.

    If only this was limited to the big city. If only.

  4. Just a note, he prefers to be called Andrew. And she knows this, which is why she calls him Little Andy.

    I did find out from another friend who is involved with the city that her daughter died (unknown when or her age), and that may be part of why she is such a bitter hateful woman.

    But that’s not to defend her in any way, shape, or form. Just more info.

    Also, she has not shut down her website. Its nothing but swipe after swipe against the current administration.

  5. Imagine the horror of a world without Twitter! Or even Facebook!
    In an alternate timeline –maybe all of them — Mark Zuckerberg is a computer science instructor at a medium sized high school in upstate New York, and Jack Dorsey is maintaining the code that automates water treatment plants. So much Talent wasted!

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