Introducing Berg’s 21st Law

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I visited a woman in the hospital this weekend.  She had a heart attack and was unresponsive on arrival.  The doctors didn’t know if she would make it.  Here’s a note from her husband (I did their estate plan, back when I was in private practice):

“When you are laying in bed at 2:00 a.m and your mind is running the gerbil wheel of ‘what if she doesn’t wake up,  would she want burial or cremation and what do I do with the ashes, keep them or scatter them, and what funeral home should I hire, and who is going to scan photos for the video but would she even want a memorial, and what are her friends’ phone numbers or maybe invite only family, and can we even have a memorial, what are the Covid rules and oh God, what if she doesn’t wake up?’ . . . it’s not as much fun as you might think.  Spend some time talking to your family so they know the plan.”

Joe Doakes

What Joe said. 

Last week, I wondered if liberals would be so thrilled about red flag laws if Sheriff Bull Connor decided to seek orders removing guns from black men between the ages of 18 and 30, since they’re the ones committing most of the murders in America today. I suspected liberals would be less than impressed.
Turns out, I was right. Gangs, terrorists, illegal immigrants, would be exempt. They explicitly acknowledge that the law would not apply to criminals, and I strongly suspect it’s because their desire to avoid being called racist is greater than their desire to prevent actual killings.
In the olden days, we used to joke that when guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have guns. Nowadays, you can’t even make this stuff up.
Joe doakes

Berg’s 21st Law states “When it comes to “progressive” policy, yesterday’s absurd joke is today’s serious proposal and tomorrow’s potential law”

Like all “Berg’s Laws”, it has no exceptions.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Berg’s 21st Law

  1. These lists are bullshit. Probable cause is a bullshit standard; cops have made that crystal clear.

    Most people don’t even know they’re on one of these lists. There’s no standard for getting on or off one.

    White nationalism is a concept that is 100% protected by the constitution, as is Negro nationalism, La Raza, and Packer pride.

    This is really not a road reprobates want to travel. I don’t wish to own firearms; they frighten me (I’m literally shaking rn). But I’ll defend to the death your God given right to own one.

    ps. That smarmy twat Smallwell reminds me of Carlos Danger. You just know he is a pedophile, a window peeper or an animal rapist. Can’t wait until he’s caught at it.

  2. And Swiftee demonstates, possibly unintentionally, why the Left wants to burn the constitution, I believe they arent even hiding their contempt for it anymore.

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