Dirty Tricks

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hillary’s campaign denied it started the birther rumors to undermine Obama when she was running for the nomination.  Skeptics wondered who benefited more than she?
Arne Carlson denied he leaked the Jon Grunseth pool party story, after Carlson lost the Republican primary nomination to Grunseth. Skeptics wondered who benefited more than he?
Joe Biden is slipping in the polls , in part because the media can’t stop talking about Trump and Ukraine and Biden’s son. What are the odds the Deep State informant whistleblower who leaked the story is actually an Elizabeth Warren plant? Who benefits more than she?
Joe doakes

I have more than a hunch that all roads in the Deep State lead to some Democrat twerp or another.

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  1. Once I realized that “deep state” is code for “the rule of law,” I was able to translate your gibberish into something more like English.

  2. Once I realized that “deep state” is code for “the rule of law,”

    It’s not.

  3. Hearsay, bias, deep state spies, no quid pro quo. Defenses for Trump on Ukraine are as flimsy as shanties in a hurricane.

  4. JD, your Arne Carlson anecdote is a complete contrivance made in furtherance of whatever observation you make here.  It’s wrong as a matter of analysis and construction.

    Neither the record nor the casual lore discerns Carlson as a potential ‘leaker’.  The Strib expose is understood as a project of the paper and the women.  Grunseth blamed Perpich.  To answer your question, Perpich superficially had the most to gain by weakening Grunseth…. not Carlson. Such that Carlson won, it was the chaos of blowback there…

    You make a category error as well.  The Grunseth secret was a personal secret and not an institutional secret.  Thus it couldn’t be ‘leaked’, though it could be revealed.

  5. The Democrats have been huffing and puffing the impeachment hurricane since election day 2016.

    Pretty strong shanty.

  6. Thanks for the clarification, John. I guess my memory of having lived through it and discussed it with other Republicans, is faulty. Odd how it still worked out that Carlson benefitted the most.

  7. Once I realized that “deep state” is code for “the rule of law,”

    Quite the opposite Emery, the deep state are unelected buecrats who try to have more power than elected officials. Frankly there should never be lifetime government employees, it should be 10-20 years absolute max and then go back into the private sector.

  8. Emery, you lead a criticism of responses to the Ukraine scandal by noting “hearsay”? As if the whole darned thing didn’t break through an admitted hearsay allegation?

  9. Maybe your memory hasn’t gone faulty Joe.  Maybe its that you and your crew of 27 year old GOP wannabes in 1990 weren’t grounded to reality at the time.

    Carlson being the greatest net benefactor != causation, alright.

  10. Hearsay, bias, deep state spies, no quid pro quo. Defenses for Trump on Ukraine are as flimsy as shanties in a hurricane.

    D_K twirls, his baggy pants billowing, his big floppy shoes tapping in time….Wheeee! Look at me goooo!

  11. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Jacob Wohl infiltrated the CIA, created a false whistleblower report and leaked it in order to expose the deep state.

  12. Once I realized that “deep state” is code for “the rule of law,”

    Funny how that “rule of law” thing never seems to apply to Democrats. Sort of like how the left hates:
    1. Patriotism
    2. Having their patriotism questioned

    Latter thanks to Frank Fleming.

  13. Dude I was like 10 when that happened IDGAF. Besides Clinton, despite what the left has been saying, wasnt impeached for anything he supposedly did with Tripp or actually did with Monica. He was impeached for perjerury which actually is a crime. Trump hasnt committed any crimes. And if he has, please show and cite US law Emery.

  14. I have a big beef with this Linda Tripp nugget of bad equivalence that’s been floating around Twitter the last few days that’s been picked up and parroted in brain dead ways by libs.

    No, what Tripp brought to the report wasn’t F’ing hearsay. Monica made expansive truthful statements herself.

  15. If I understood even half of this then the question of whether the whistle blowers report contains hearsay is meaningless as it’s not being said in court and is more akin to an affidavit applying for a search a warrant. Yes or no?

  16. ^ If you’re asking whether the ‘whistleblower’ is hearsay, no, its not…. Lindsey Graham makes a bad point there.  So, the response shouldn’t be ‘Lindsey Graham is wrong, Linda Tripp was heresay, nya, nyah.  The response should be, the whistleblower isn’t heresay.

  17. “Yes or no?”
    Meaningless. The proper question would be “wise or unwise?”
    Think for a second how our government would be paralyzed if hearsay evidence was accepted in investigating and impeaching any government elected official.
    Person A in Pelosi’s employ tells me she has committed some corrupt act. I then file a complaint based on this hearsay.
    After an exhaustive investigation, it turns out that what I heard was office gossip, a joke I misunderstood.
    Pelosi spends millions of dollars and is put in peril of losing re-election because of the “scandal” before she is proven innocent (that’s the new standard, you know).
    Who pays for this wickedness? Not me, I repeated what I heard. Not the person who told me, he was just joking.
    The first victim of TDS is common sense.

  18. Trump has confirmed all of the information in the whistleblower’s complaint himself. It is not false. He is just angry that he got caught. Subpoenas are not harassment if there is a basis for them. This is not a fishing expedition, Congress has ample reason to investigate.

  19. Emery, you are as wrong about this as you were about “Russian Collusion.”
    Don’t be so certain that Pelosi is playing some 3D chess game. She is doddering, and is influenced by the Maoists in her party.

  20. Th NY Times says that Schiff knew about the whistle blower complaint a month a month ago.
    Here is what my common sense tells me.
    The Dems want to impeach Trump but the Russia collusion story was a hoax that back fired. There own people lost their jobs or got demotions, and may be facing jail time.
    So they decided that whistleblower may be the way to go, they went fishing, but found no takers. Then they changed the whistleblower rules to cover hearsay & they finally got an anonymous guy, probably a Trump-hating career civil servant, to pass on a rumor. The rumor was weak sauce, as the transcript revealed, but they are all on the crazy train now & biddy Pelosi can’t stop it.
    Trump’s campaign is making serious hay, and the Dems are losing two voters for every one that they gain.
    Gosh, it’s fun watching the Democrats implode.

  21. The hearings will be great entertainment. I dont thinl it will even get to the Senate because enough Dems will care about trying to win in November and if they vote for articles of impeachment their careers will be DOA, they might be anyway but Id be legitmately stunned if Pelosi cobbles together a majority and even if she somehow did Trump will make the Senate trial a circus and possibly destroy dozens of Democrats and #NeverTrump Republican careers.

  22. ^^ Trump’s mental collapse is happening faster than the impeachment process.

    When “normal” people evaluate truth, they do multiple things to determine efficacy. Trump doesn’t. It is only self. So yes, actually he believes many elements of the false narrative — because they pass the lone criteria he needs.

    It’s sad to say, but I see you also possess those same characteristics.

  23. MBerg wrote in reference to my comment:
    Once I realized that “deep state” is code for “the rule of law,”

    “It’s not.” ~ MBerg

    Is ‘Deep State’ an Alt-right term of abuse for the Constitution, when they don’t like the way it impacts them?

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