Maybe He’ll Come Out, Next

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Beto urges banks to refuse service to people Beto doesn’t like.  This is a good start, but it’s not sufficient. I recommend we take principle farther
Urge Banks to cut off business with anyone who has an abortion.
Urge Banks to cut off credit for all Methodist’s.
Urge Banks to refuse to do business with companies that sell or Support rap music
Urge banks to cut off credit card transactions at liquor stores, pizza parlors, State Fair cheese curd booth, and other unhealthy food vendors. Also, no credit cards for Vaping, tobacco, fireworks, p*** movies, adult novelty store sales, or tap dancing shoes, which are totally legal but they annoy me.
Yes, I think he’s really onto something here.
Joe Doakes

Where “onto something” = “desperately trying to get traction with an ever-loonier Democrat far left”.

4 thoughts on “Maybe He’ll Come Out, Next

  1. I dunno, Joe. Your list sounds petty and spiteful. Personally, I would never suggest such things.

    On the other hand, banks should not finance Ford F150’s. It is the worst truck ever and something is not right about the people who drive them.

    I betchya Beto drives a Ford truck (when he is out campaigning in Texas and has to leave his Prius at home).

  2. My wife just noted that my prior comment reflects a well executed double-standard. You think that could get me a job with The New York Times?

  3. I see opportunity here.

    These denial of service attacks *should be* legal, but theyre not.

    If it’s OK for a bank to refuse to do business with someone engaged in perfectly legal trade, because the bankers just dont like it, why can’t I refuse to do business with trannies or homos? They’re icky; they spread disease. They prey on children and are mentally unstable.

    If it’s good enough for reprobates, it’s good enough for me.

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