For Joe Biden

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

It’s too confusing to keep track of all the different ways that liberals impugn conservatives. And the words don’t mean the same thing each time they’re used; the meaning shifts depending on the user, the victim, the situation.
I would prefer that liberals adopt one general-purpose word to use for everyone and everything they don’t like. How about “poop?”  Short, easy for Joe Biden to remember, think how much fun the debates would become.
You’re a poop. No you’re a big poop. You’re the biggest poop. Yeah, well your ideas are poop. Your mother is a poop.  Fun!
Joe Doakes

Orwel posited that the eventual goal of “Ingsoc” was to reduce all language to “duckspeak” – semiliterate grunts that put guardrails on the limits of human thought.

This fits right in.

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  1. The Trump administration must be extremely concerned to be trotting out all it’s ‘chanting points’ in this way.

    America owes an enormous debt of gratitude to one courageous whistle-blower who knows the difference between acting in the interests of one’s country and abuse of office acting in the interest of oneself — because its crystal clear Trump does not.

    The most disturbing part of the call, in terms of Presidential competence, was the suggestion that anyone could rely on Rudy Giuliani for anything.

  2. Emery:

    I will bet you a brand-new nickel the “whistleblower” turns out to be someone like Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who had the affair with the lawyer, as they were plotting to push the fake dossier to undermine the new President.

    White male, middle aged, long-term bureaucrat, either a Democrat or Never-Trumper, secretly promised a future financial return for his story, a book deal or a job at a Democrat-connected company, something to make him believe that he’s important and valuable just long enough until the public learns he’s all hat and no cattle, then he’ll be dumped like the rest of the Left’s pawns (see: Cindy Sheehan).

    I’m so sure of it, I’ll give you two-to-one odds. Mitch can hold the stakes.

  3. First line in the letter: “I have received information from multiple US government officials that the President of the US is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 US election.” ~ Whistleblower

    Then the White House sought to cover up the Ukraine call by placing the notes on a computer system designed for code-word classified documents.

    I thought they were beautiful innocent phone calls.

    I suspect the Trump follower force will be strong in this thread. Deflection, whataboutism, logical fallacies. it’ll be a smorgasbord of misinformation.

    Asking a foreign government to investigate a political opponent is Abuse of Power. There is a proper channel for investigation and referral — and the Office of the President is not it.

    But it’s fun to read the hair-on-fire commentary. Like yeah guys — it was totally legal and totally cool.

  4. JD: The Bidens aren’t the issue, it’s a president using power of office to lean on foreign power in bizarre attempt to gain leverage in his re- election.

    The most remarkable part of the Ukraine story is that it has Trump trying to collude with a foreign power to influence his next election shortly after the Special Counsel wrapped up its investigation of whether Trump colluded with a foreign power to influence the last one.

    As you have mentioned in previous posts you’ve spent time as a prosecutor. Would you not agree that failure to prosecute crimes encourages their proliferation?

  5. Emery, I know yo are denser than most, but Biden (yes, THAT Biden) is on TAPE threatening to withhold money from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor, who was investigating his son’s company, while he was VP.

    Yeah, nuttin ta do wid Biden, yo.

  6. PS: As regards the phone call, and the whistle blowers complaint?

    I’ll have two nothing burgers, a side of face palm, and an order of crow for dessert.

  7. Not to steal kinlaw’s thunder – I look forward to his “more on” – but I liked this:

    The “whistleblower” has *ZERO* direct knowledge of anything in his allegation.
    Witnessed nothing.
    No evidence.
    No corroborating witnesses.
    Bases entire allegation on third-hand gossip.
    The intel community is so broken:

  8. Even Nixon, who appreciated opposition research, never thought to outsource the Watergate break-in to a foreign government.

  9. That’s because Nixon didn’t realize how malicious the Democrats could be (to his regret). Trump does.

    In May of 2018, Sens. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., wrote to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko asking the Ukraine government to keep four investigations open related to the Mueller probe into Russian election interference in the U.S. and indicated that their support for foreign aid to Ukraine could be in jeopardy.

    Hey, lookee there, it’s one of them quids! And a quo!

  10. “I’m sticking with my president even if he and I have to be carried out of this building and shot.” ~ jdm

  11. Interesting reaction. First of all, I’d note the irony of a known plagiarist going through the effort to turn a made up statement into a quote with quote marks and ascription.

    Second, I rather like so-called quote because of what it reveals. Being written by a known leftist, it describes a potential outcome for those that don’t agree with the left by shooting. Both a leader and his followers. Ever wonder why so many non-leftist gun owners won’t give up their guns? Nailed it.

    Third, I have never met the president and don’t expect ever to do so, so I can only assume that the building referenced must be some sort of prison. Let’s say like La Cabaña.

  12. Pro-tip: For everyone saying the whistleblower is relying on second hand information. You have the summary transcript right in front of you. That is what is called a “primary source document”.

    I remember hearing the same complaints from Republicans in the lead up to Nixon’s impeachment. This will be even worse, since it involves a foreign power.

    Nixon had 67% approval rating before the impeachment inquiry began. Trump just has a 38% approval right now. Once started — think about Trump’s approval rating.

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