7 thoughts on “I Hate Twitter

  1. I understand the sentiment, but could we please substitute “one sane law-abiding American” for “one sane law-abiding gun owner”?

  2. Great Caesar’s Ghost, do they not teach debate in schools anymore! The “if it saves one life” argument would get you a failing grade from any competent teacher. reductio ad absurdum.

  3. Scene – the doorway to the school.

    Bad Guy, holding a pistol to a kid’s head: “Drop your gun or the kid gets it.”

    Sane law-abiding gun owner: “Okay, sure, I’ll give up my gun to save the kid’s life.”

    Bad Guy: “Sucker!”

    The Bad Guy shoots the now-unarmed security guard, shoots the kid, and strolls into the school shooting more and more kids with nobody to stop him.

    Because he’s a BAD GUY, duh.

    end scene

  4. That HAS to be a troll account. No one, not even Hogg himself is that dense… right?

  5. Let me guess; Hogg banned you, right? :^)

    Seriously, Hogg is a guy who belongs in a 2nd tier school who got into Hahvid because someone wants to drive an agenda. We therefore shouldn’t pick on him because his ideas have all the genius that you’d expect with that pedigree.

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