If I Were A Betting Man

A roundup of climate panic advocates’ recrods shows…

…well, you know:

“While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited,” they added.
Some examples:

1967 — Stanford University expert Paul Erlich predicted “time of famines” in 1975.
1971 — A top NASA expert predicted an “ice age” by 2021.
1988 — It was predicted that the Maldives [Ahem – usually referred to as “The Falklands” – Ed] would be under water by last year.
2008 — Gore said the Arctic would be free of ice by 2013.
2009 — Charles said there was just 96 months left to save the world.
Starting Friday, there is a global climate strike set to last for a week. According to the organizers, “Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.”

And my favorite: 1988, Ted Danson predicting that the growing hole in the ozone would kill us all in 15 years.

My go-to response to the whole thing: let’s say for sake of argument that they get one right; let’s say that the climate is irreversibly warming due to human activity.

Why is the solution to turn the keys to the world’s economies over to the kind of people who gave us Srebrenica, or Chicago city politics or MN-LARS?

I’ll wait.

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  2. The Maldives are in the Indian Ocean. The Malvinas are the British territorial islands claimed by Argentina.

  3. “We, the establishment, were wrong about continental drift, but we are right about climate change” isn’t much of an argument.

  4. IF the climate is getting hotter: Buy short sleeved shirts and enjoy life. More people die from cold weather than hot weather.

  5. Six years ago, when they said we only have four years to go completely carbon neutral, I believed them. I still do.

    Since we are all screwed, I am committing slow suicide by eating steak breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as drinking bottom shelf whisky and smoking under the counter Havana cigars.

    Never thought despair would feel so good.

  6. Ah, yes, the scientists who know everything.

    Brother: We don’t need religion, science explains everything!
    Me: Why is the universe made of matter? Why does time flow only in one direction? Why does entropy only increase? Do quantum entangled states communicate faster than the speed of light, and does that violate relativity? What was before the Big Bang? Why …
    Brother: … Here, have another pulled pork sandwich.

    I can understand believers. I can understand agnostics. But atheists who claim that science disproves the idea of God don’t understand the underlying principles of science.

  7. During a break-out session on the role of clouds at a 2017 climate modeling seminar, a young scientist asked a simple question. He had just endured a long discussion about how clouds are modeled in Global Climate Models (GCS’s).

    They had covered season variation in cloud cover, annual variation and the variations on cycles that run decades….

    “But what about diurnal changes,” he asked.

    “Huh?” was the collective response.

    The scientist, Jun Yin, noted that the cooling effect of cloud changes during the day were not accounted for and thus half the extra 3.7 watts of energy per square meter that scientists estimated were caused by human produced carbon dioxide in the air – was wrong.

    You can read about it here at Phys.org

    Has anyone told the kids?

    Probably not.

    Will the next IPCC Report include any reference to explanation of why GCM’s “burn too hot”?

    Most definitely not.

  8. I wonder how many student “strikers” would hang with it if the first announcement was that to show they were committed to the cause, they needed to surrender ALL of their electronic devices, because electricity is required to recharge them? My guess is that all that would be left of the crowd, would be maybe one or two of the organizers. Most of them would bail, too.

  9. They were live-streaming their Global Warming protest from their cell phones, for God’s sake. Scolding adults it’s time to turn the power off.

    Most of those poor brainwashed kids would be dead within 30 days of “lights out”.

  10. It was just reported Boss that most students just wanted the day off. Im stunned by this.

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