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  1. Last night I went to a bar for dinner where I could watch both the Twins game and Monday Night Football. Conveniently, I found a seat with three TV screens side-by-side, with the Twins on the left, MNF in the middle, and CNN on the right (the only time you’ll find CNN on the right). Several innings went by, and a good chunk of the football game – and throughout, Anderson Cooper (who I call “Algernon” because he reminds me of a white rat with artificially enhanced intelligence). The first 15 minutes or so the banner under Anderson was something like, “New allegations against Kavanaugh spark calls for impeachment”. The next 15 minutes, the banner was still about Kavanaugh, but mentioned that the NYT article was being questioned.” Thank God, the sound was turned off, but there were so many serious looking faces, no doubt opining on an issue of great national importance. I was hoping CNN would run a crawl, though, updating the score from the Hong Kong protests, but didn’t see one.

  2. With this its very difficult to pick which journalistic or social justice or #MeToo contrivance is the biggest air biscuit.
    I have zeroed in on this one:…  The journalists out there are having a stylebook argument about whether last weekend’s original article should have appeared in the Times review of books section with the headline “Brett Kavanaugh fit in With the privileged kids, she did not.  Deborah Ramirez’  Yale experience says much about the college’s efforts to diversify its student body in the 1980’s.”
    Thing being, given the context the articles create, this headline is suggestive that Kavanaugh’s shallow, obnoxious, gropey college partying such that it might have been is in the Venn bubble that is his upper middle classness… And that Ramirez would have been a wholesome, standup citizen because she was poor or at least poor-er, and that the shallow, obnoxious, gropey college partying wouldn’t have been in her middle class Venn bubble.
    Its a garbage, contrived assertion… partying in college, 80’s style, knew no social class.  If ya didn’t go to parties where guys had their dongs hanging out, its because you had square-ish inclinations.

  3. I would have hoped that we would have heard some apologies at least when it became known the alleged victim didn’t remember any such thing, and it is horrendous that a woman who has been rebuked by courts for failing to provide exculpatory evidence or discipline prosecutors who failed to do so is having the brass nuts to accuse Kavanaugh of perjury. We might suggest that both of California’s senators ought to have the name “Nifong”, except that would be a bit too hard on Mr. Nifong. He never did half of what Feinstein and Harris have done.

  4. ” . . . a book excerpt that claimed one of Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates allegedly saw him with his pants down at a drunken dorm party, with friends pushing his penis into a female student’s hands”
    It was pretty bad when democrats wanted to impeach Trump for not committing a non-crime, they now want to impeach Kavanaugh because he is a victim of sexual assault.

  5. Note how poorly this story is sourced.The unnamed female in question denies it. The people who assaulted Kavanaugh are not named.
    So what we have is a pro-Clinton, anti-Kavanaugh lawyer relaying hearsay evidence from over thirty years by an unnamed witness. The only person who is named is Kavanaugh. Gee, I wonder why the FBI didn’t send its best guys out to investigate this further?
    This is the new low point of the fake news delivery system.

  6. The Left knows they have nothing, so they’ll try this case in the court of public opinion, where the standard of proof is much lower, if not nonexistent. Judging from acquaintances’ social media posts, the strategy is working: People who seethe with hatred for Trump and his policies will allow their emotions to excuse the absence of evidence. I’d remind former classmates of mine, including an up-and-coming write and director, that “accusations” do not equal “proof”, but I fear it would be a waste of time.

    The media, however, should know and act better. They show no compunction about dragging a Supreme Court justice’s name through the mud, especially if it means hurting the president who nominated him/her. In that regard, the media have aligned with the wanna-be tyrants on the Left. Like tyrants, they believe the ends justify the means.

  7. I would have hoped that we would have heard some apologies at least when it became known the alleged victim didn’t remember any such thing,

    bikebubba, you will never get an actual apology from a leftist. They’re all alike. Have you ever seen one from the trolls that write here? If there’s enough money and/or prestige involved, CNN or the NY Times or any other lefty outlet might might apologize to their own ilk, but fake apologies, a subject change, or just silence is about as good as one can get from a leftist. And tomorrow, they’ll be back, unashamed and unabashed.

  8. If they don’t hit bottom soon, I believe that we can expect bombings and assassination attempts.
    I mean more assassination attempts. The MSM has already forgotten the attempted mass slaughter of GOP Reps, solely because they were GOP Reps, by Bernie-Bro James Hodgkinson.
    Yet there are people who consider themselves serious, non-partisan journalists who believe that all political violence in the US comes from the right.
    No Dem has ever condemned antifa.

  9. jdm; true. For that matter, in a just world, liberals would feel compelled to apologize for an article (or book) which is basically sourced on the testimony of someone clearly with a motive to “fudge” the truth, even without the fact that the victim not only denies it happening, but also did what it took to get her testimony into the book.

    In other words, it’s arguable that the purported “victim” said some things about going to Kavanaugh if the book came out without her testimony–more or less making a libel lawsuit as close to a slam dunk as it can.

  10. I know it has been 40 years since I went to college, but have things changed so much that you have guys willingly grabbing other guy’s junk, to drag them over to wave in the face of women, who just happen to be at a height where their face is level with said junk? I mean, I can envision guys pushing another guy towards a hooker on her knees, but not a party of random people where such occurs. And even in the hooker scenario, I can’t see straight college guys grabbing another guy’s junk. And gay college guys wouldn’t be directing it towards a woman.

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