This Year’s 3AM Call

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’d like to see Democrat candidates for President asked to comment on this article.
Free people threatened by an oppressive regime beg for American help to resist.  What should America do?
Liz?  Joe?  Pete?  Anyone?  Anyone?
 Joe Doakes

They’ll do what Saint Barack did; equivocate and hedge and deflect away.

3 thoughts on “This Year’s 3AM Call

  1. They’ll do nothing, because they’re on the side of the Chi-comm’s. They’d quietly support whatever military oppression China brings into HK.

  2. “The Hong Kong thing is a very tough situation, very tough. We’ll what see what happens. But I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope it works out for everybody, including China, by the way.” ~ Donald Trump

    An American President would, of course, have thrown steadfast support behind the uprising and the people’s desire for democracy. But we don’t have one of those.

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