“Play Like A Girl”

As the Twin Cities’ best feminist, I have to ask my fellow, if lesser, feminists – do you all get tired of being pandered to in the guise of “equity”?

New Monopoly game gives women a “head start” in the name of “equal pay”:

Hasbro wants to take the conversation over the gender pay gap out of the board room and into the living room with its new Ms. Monopoly game, launching this month.
Dubbed “the first game where women make more than men,” the updated version of the classic board-game introduces new women-centric elements, starting with its titular character. Ms. Monopoly is the niece of the elder Mr. Monopoly and a “self-made investment guru,” according to the product listing on Walmart.com.
In the game, women get a head start: Female players receive $1,900 in Monopoly money at the beginning of the game, compared to $1,500 for each male player, USA Today reports. Women also receive $240 each time they pass ‘Go’ on the board, while men get $200.

I’m not sure about all you lesser feminists, but it seems like this is a return to the days of victorian deference, not equity.

Maybe that’s what “feminism” actually wants?

8 thoughts on ““Play Like A Girl”

  1. Lets not stop there. In the complete SJW version of Monopoly you can draw the Reparations card and pay or collect an extra $200 every passage of Go, get hit by a sexual harassment suit (for male players), learn that rent control has been imposed on your Boardwalk and Park Place properties, The possibilities are endless!

  2. After completing 10 trips around the board, female players can take maternity leave, skipping three trips but collecting full pay.

    The Chance cards now contain an updated Car Insurance Premium card – males pay more.

    The first female player to shout “Chauvinist” when a male player complains about inequity, gets to knock the complaining male player’s piece back to Go plus the slapper collects $100 from every male player as a “metoo penalty.” In case of a tie, both shouters win and both are paid by male players.

    The game begins with a hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue is now named Penn State. Males who land there pay full rent plus lose a turn, females stay rent free.

  3. Definitely not fair! Do “intersex” players only get $1700 to start the game? What counts as sex– biological or preferred? Wouldn’t an ardent Monopoly player simply “prefer” to be female for the duration of the game? I’m hoping they lose money on this farce.

  4. There should be quite a few squares that represent a Target trip every 3 days where the matron of the house gets to do a $200 card swipe on the red card with no contemplation of whats actually in the checking account.

  5. As a woman, I am not at all on board with this and definitely would not buy this for my daughter. But, if Monopoly really wanted to make a game to help kids better understand life and opportunity- keep the concept of everyone starting out equal. Yes, part of your success in the game is how the dice role and which card you draw, but, you can still be successful depending on the risks you’re willing to take. So, to add some reality to the game, have some cards for sitting out part of the game for maternity leave, like Joe said. You might still get your $200 dollars, but you miss out on buying property. You miss out on drawing a lucky card. Also, add some cards for calling in sick because of child issues. Who does that more? Women more than men. With that card, you miss out on pay or you get partial pay versus the full $200. Also have cards with some kind of consequence for working late- don’t know what that would be, but it is typically men or single adults (without kids) who get asked to volunteer to do that. Also, a card that has you lose some money for passing on a promotion because you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. This list could probably go on.

    Geez, Hasbro could go all out in showing kids why we probably do make equal pay based on the work we do and the time off commitments women have versus men. That they chose this dumb route just demonstrates the millennials who came up with this are not at all seeing reality.

  6. Gotta wonder if women playing this Victorian game are going to be required to wear corsets. Feminism for the win!

  7. I know how to play that game. I’d start by declaring that I identify as a woman; Pronouns Xe Xer.

  8. Im sure when this game was invented back in the what 1930s this was their end goal. God if Monopoly games destroyed families before now put that on freaking steroids. It also opens up the possibility of a black market here during the game. Which actually would make the game more interesting.

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