How To Win “Prog” Friends And Influence Virtue-Signaling People

CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO HOST: “I am a conservative talk radio host. Let’s discuss the issues of the world”

“PROGRESSIVES”: “We want you to die in a grease fire, but only after you watch your family get eaten by mice”

CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO HOST: “But I’m running against the president in a Quixotic campaign/ratings stunt”

“PROGRESSIVES”: “Even though we couldn’t define “conservatism” correctly if you pelted us with stacks of $50 bills, we declare you to be a leader of conservative thought!”


6 thoughts on “How To Win “Prog” Friends And Influence Virtue-Signaling People

  1. I heard this guy on the radio yesterday. He is a nut case.
    One would think that a viable presidential candidate would try to keep current on his child support payments.

  2. I don’t know that I agree with Our Host about this. I mean, fish, barrel.

    The Walsh thing is really only for NeverTrump persons. Like Bill Kristol and friends at the Bulwark. And maybe some NR or ex-NR personalities. Because the rest of us must shut up and learn those so-called conservative principles that have been so important to fight for over the last 40 years.

    That said, however, I do admit that the left is willing celebrate and munch on freshly popped pop-corn as Walsh attempts to topple Trump, but if that were to happen, Walsh would convert to a standard issue Re-Thuglican Nazi like every other Republican , maverick or not.

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