Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Mentally ill man goes on stabbing rampage. Bystanders corral him with folding chairs and milk crates. Why not just shoot him?
Oh. It’s Australia. Guns are banned. Law abiding citizens are defenseless.

Joe Doakes

Not only does Big Left not care – they’ve got their armed guards, they’re good, thanks – it’s a net gain. All that viral video of people impotently trying to swat at a guy with a knife, an axe or a sword is so funny, dude.

8 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. When I have to be in a gun free zone, I wonder if a good stout belt would be good defense. Any thoughts from any of my fellow gun-phobics about that?

  2. The whole “gun free zone” deal is a joke. If you have a gun, how are they going to make you leave? You have a gun and they don’t! Unless they are breaking their own rules. If they call the cops on you, well, then, they have introduced even more guns into a gun free zone.

  3. Bubba, a good leather belt is indeed a formidable weapon, capable of inflicting considerable wounds, but I suggest a good supply of Ninja shurikins as a first line of defense.

  4. Bike Bubba;
    Thick stout leather belt with a BIG COWBOY STYLE buckle. Don’t run it though the belt loops. Practice getting it off and half the strap wrapped around you hand, target knees, hands and head. Swiftee, stars/shurikins are good if you are greater then arms length away, otherwise not so much (also ??legal in some locales). And of course if your locale allows a knife with an assisted opening stud is also handy. Also as soon as you are clear be sure to call the police and report the incident and location. You want to be on record before the bad has happened.

  5. Thanks, lads. Sadly, I do not have access to nukes, so the question of whether I can nuke the hurricane is moot. Never mind that it’s dissipating.

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