7 thoughts on “Surprising Precisely Nobody

  1. The greatest tragedy in life is that someone with an MFA in Critical Gender Theory has to work at Starbucks while a pipe-fitter gets to drive a fully loaded F350.

    Something must be done.

  2. “Something must be done.”
    sure, lets outlaw possession of F-350s by non-governmental entities and some very tightly regulated and taxed Corporations.

    think of it like a magazine ban!

    As Emery might suggest “limit access to the F-350 for uncredentialed white people!”

  3. “The strong on the other hand, who in their cavemen past had no problems controlling both women and resources they had no intention of sharing, are far less likely to see the virtue of egalitarian social policies.”

    Freaking Drivel!! That’s the stuff that’ll entice subscribers.

  4. anyone got a link to a version of this article that isnt blocked by a goddamn pay wall? I want to reda it, but Im not that desperate.

  5. “Something must be done.”

    There are two schools to solving Ford F350 inequality.

    There is the Elizabeth Warren school whereby everyone gets a free Ford F350 courtesy of the government (and a pony).

    And then there is the Fidel Castro school whereby no one is allowed to have a Ford F350 (or anything else that is nice).

    In time, after the government goes broke, the Elizabeth Warren school becomes the Fidel Castro school, but at least something was done about inequality and everyone is equally miserable.

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