Dog Bites Dog

Socialist men tend to be pathetic little losers.

And the reason? Evolution:

A study has found that weaker men are more likely to be in favour of redistributive taxation. The strong on the other hand, who in their cavemen past had no problems controlling both women and resources they had no intention of sharing, are far less likely to see the virtue of egalitarian social policies.

They make “being able to provide and defend” sound like a bad thing.

12 thoughts on “Dog Bites Dog

  1. The study, done by, (perhaps?) “weaker men” and then publicized by stronger men.

    Mr. Berg. How on earth do you come up with these gems?

  2. I have read theories contending that the carnage of WWI & II killed off the most masculine, virile men in Europe, leaving the fops as the only available choice for women.
    In America, it’s the addition of soy to the diet, probably.

  3. They are all hipster beta male feminists who cant get gfs because they dont have a masculine bone in their bodies. And Swiftee might be making a joke about soy but studies are showing that might actually be true. God knows I avoid that shit like the plague.

  4. Science confirms what the ancients knew, even Aesop’s Fables:

    The Ant toiled all Summer laying up stores for the Winter while the Grasshopper laughed at him and played in the sun. Then Winter came and the Ant had plenty while the Grasshopper had none. So the Grasshoppers all voted a Wealth Tax and stripped the Ant’s cupboard bare.

  5. are far less likely to see the virtue of egalitarian social policies.

    Someone needs to tell the ninny that wrote this that the ‘elgalitarian social policy’ killed (at least) 100 million people in in the 20th century.

  6. Funny story POD.

    We have a Thai restaurant in our little downtown that we like(d) to go to fairly often. Yesterday, I went in the to get take-out and saw a new crew in there; the place had changed ownership.

    Well, I ordered our usual Pad Thai Beef. The gal says “this is vegan Thai now, we have soy beef and soy chicken and”… Holding up my hand to stop her, I said laughingly, “do you all know where you are?”

    Anyway, we don’t eat soy nothing, so I just ordered plain.

    It was the worst pile of crap I ever had…I guess vegan means you can’t use oil, because the noodles were congealed into a solid pile; and they didn’t even put in much in the way of vegetables. It was tasteless and nasty.

    I hope they didn’t go deep into debt to open the place.

  7. Swiftee,

    If they did go into significant debt to buy the business, then change it to vegan, they either didn’t do their due diligence for market research or they hired a worthless consultant that convinced them that it would be viable.

  8. There have been many valid criticisms of Schlicter; for one he’s a shameless self promoter.

    But I do appreciate and ENDORSE! his no quarter approach to dealing with leftist reprobates. Never give them an inch; take them down (rhetorically, calm down Agent Friendly) at every opportunity.

  9. The parasites apparently do have some evolutionary advantages, though. After all, there are still plenty of ticks, mosquitoes and leeches around.

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